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from sexuality to spirituality
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From Sexuality to Spirituality 

Remembering yourself as an artist—a master and a creator—lies within admitting your own resources. Your sexual energy is a resource from your essence. You can reach this resource only by understanding, accepting, and loving the sexual nature of your being. Your sexual energy does not…

the meditation of wholesome unison
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The Meditation of Wholesome Unison 

This meditation helps us to create harmony, unison, and wholeness between ourselves and those we are connected to. It’s especially important for couples to strengthen their bond, achieve a deeper communication, connect their feelings, and truly experience intimacy and step into a spiritual wholeness. This…

are you accessible?
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Mutable Sense 

We do not feel anymore. We sense instead. In every atom, every particle, every cell, every frequency, and every vibration, we sense. It’s been a long way getting here. We’ve overcome many obstacles. We woke up one morning and were filled with hope. We woke…

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