Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Burçe Boşnak


There Is No Rush, There Is Only Now.

In the past year, something has shifted within me. It is both confusing and wonderful.

Recognizing, Trusting, and Taking Action on Your Intuition

When we won’t let go and fear trusting our inner guidance it is because we want to “control” the outcome. The problem with control is that we also limit the possibilities of what may happen when we try so hard to be in control of things.

Lead With Your Heart, Not Your Head

When I tell people I'm a yoga teacher, I can instantly feel the stereotypical assumptions of our kind.

Tame Your Inner Critic

How often do you stop to acknowledge your successes? Compare that to the spotlight you shine on your failures and shortcomings. Is there a disparity worth nothing?

Leap Into Courage

The unknown is what deep down drives us to continue exploring our potential. Our hearts yearn for new possibilities and experiences. The problem of our modern world now is that living has become quite easy and comfortable for many of us.


Not Much Is So Much More Than Nothing

What will it take to accept that you are perfect?

A Constant Gravity To Change

Have you ever noticed your brain’s tendency to focus, fixate and ruminate over the negative?