Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Cem Sen

Cem Sen

Vital Panic Attack

People experiencing a panic attack, or a high level of anxiety, often feel they cannot breathe, as if their lungs aren’t receiving enough oxygen. They...

Truth versus Reality

Existence has two faces: objective and subjective, or rather Truth and reality. Subjective existence, or reality, is valid only within its perimeter, and ceases to...

The True Happiness

The achievements of my teenage years belong to my teenage years. The achievements of my twenties belong to my twenties. The achievements of yesterday...

Not Good Enough…

Events fill so much of the time they happen in that there’s no space left for our choices, displeasures, and beliefs. The problem is...

There are Moments that…

Sometimes it’s the curtains flitting about in a soft, relaxing summer breeze. Sometimes it’s to wrap yourself up in your mother’s arms. It’s the...

Price versus Value

When teachers are not fully enlightened, their words are inevitably ignorant because their perceptions are uncertain. They can occasionally talk about the right things...

The Nature of Consciousness

Buddhist thinking considers the whole of existence to be six dimensional in space-time, but it might be misleading to perceive these dimensions as physical ones.

Spiritual Sexuality: Well-Known Facts That Are Wrong

We hear a lot about sexuality, don’t we? We ceaselessly think and talk about it, one way or another. In effect, sexuality is the main force behind almost everything, from selling products to choosing our clothes.

Becoming a Real Human Being

If Heaven is the element providing the Earth with its creative seeds, then the Earth is the womb where those seeds will grow.

Grace: The Expression of Our True Nature

When light begins to shine, darkness also brightens. I start to realize that darkness arises from my ignorance. When I let the darkness created by my fears dissolve, I see there is nothing left behind from what I call "I."

Void: Creative Darkness

The form then begins to dissolve itself. I begin to realize what I called me is a huge delusion.

First Cause of Darkness: Ignorance

The entire universe is the space where uncertainties, not definitions, become alive. Variations in the essence of life make it impossible for a clear and distinct state to exist. Even solid matter is in constant change. The only constant is change.