Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Inspirations – 1

Meditation on Purity The purpose of life is to be pure, not rich, famous or powerful. Purity is the force, the mirror of our immortal self....

The Moral Codes of Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga is primarily a discipline meant to arouse the Kundalini. Prayatna-adyatamaanastu yogi Samshuddha-kilbisaha Anekajanma-samsiddhastato Yaatiparaamgatim BhagavadGita 6.45 "Thus, by constantly trying and controlling his mind, the yogi completely purged of all evil impulses in...

DHRUVA, the Yogi

Manu, the considered forefather of humankind, had two sons; one of them was the great king Uttanapada, who ruled in ancient India. Happily married with...

The Inconceivable Self

We will all perish. That is given. The body will fail, the mind disappear… But what will remain? That is inconceivable. There is no time. There is only...

The Nature of Reality: Ishwara-Brahman-Atman-Paramatman

All is consciousness, even things that appear not, actually are, for they come from consciousness and are moved by consciousness. What is consciousness? Consciousness is You,...

The Nature of Reality

Who am I? An eternal question that leads to the awakening of the seeker... Ishvara - Brahman - Atman - Paramatman Anyone can be God. Even...

Phlegm – Enemy No. 1

Not so long ago, my neighbor in Bangalore died because of a mosquito bite. She caught dengue fever and, in less than three days,...

How Does Allopathic Medicine Ruins Your Yoga Practice

In the many years of teaching yoga, I have seen several people who were and are on allopathic pills for extensive periods and they all suffer from stiffness, constipation and mental woes.

What to Eat, When not to Eat!

It is interesting to observe people who are coming to my Yoga for Weight Loss and Detox classes regarding their understanding of diet or rather misconceptions of it.

Cure With Fasting

Pain is, often, an intimate companion throughout our lives. What do we do when we encounter persistent migraines, pain in our joints and numbness in our limbs?

Can Yoga Really Make You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is an emotional subject for many, and this continues to be the case. Nevertheless, is it right? The answer is no.