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The Benefits of Aloe Vera: Fact or Fiction?

Aloe vera (L. Webb et Berth, also known as Aloe barbadensis Mill.) is a medicinal plant native to South Africa, but it is cultivated...

The Story of Quinine

The story of quinine, which until recently was the only treatment for malaria, is as interesting as the story of malaria itself. No medicine has been as effective as quinine in discrediting Galenic medicine. 

Quince Yellow, Pomegranate Red… The Fall

Autumn is the right season for both quince and pomegranate: How about drinking the juices of quince and pomegranate mixed together?

Medicinal Plants and Our Health

The plant kingdom has experienced the creation and destruction of an incredible number of genera and species over the course of its millions of years of evolution.

The Magic of Mandrake

Throughout history, mandrake has been the most powerful plant in the mysterious world of witchcraft. Mandrake is a perennial plant that grows wild in areas influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The plant has large leaves and a very short stem, and it bears purple flowers that turn to yellowish fruits.

The Good and the Bad

Civilized societies regard their successful poets, writers, artists, sportsmen and sportswomen, and scientists highly as “national treasures.”

The Children of Today Are Marvelous!

“The Children of Today Are Marvelous!” is the title of a famous book by the late renowned writer, Aziz Nesin. It was inspired by a frequently used Turkish phrase, and I have never heard a better phrase to describe the evolution of a generation.