Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Melike Belkis Dogar

Melike Belkis Dogar

The End of Time

Now is the end of time. Don't be afraid that time is ending. Because you only need to Live.

The Dream Realm: The Soul’s Homeland

In ancient times, stories and images of dream healing played a big role in peoples’ lives. They gathered to tell stories. They wondered and searched beyond the ordinary life, trying to understand these mysteries.

Serendip Island

Serendip means a happy, pleasant accidental surprise.

To Be, or Not To Be…

Reading the title, you might imagine me holding a skull in my hand while reciting this memorable quote from Shakespeare.

Is it Really You Who Has the Fear?

Who else can it be? I hear you say. I suggest you consider again: What is the source of your fears?