Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Sibel Oltulu

Sibel Oltulu

Balance Yourself

The wheels of life never spin pointlessly. They are in tune with our conscious and unconscious learning, and they evolve as a result. Those who...

The Summit

They told us there were many mountains before us, and we were expected to climb each of them. We all believed the shrewd teachers were...

During Venus Retrogrades

We take actions to get approval from others. We enjoy being seen, liked, and honored by others because of a relevant need, just as...

Are You Happy?

Happiness is spontaneous. There is no reason—you just feel it.

Reaching Wholeness via Astrology

I am the Moon; I reflect the light of the Sun. I shed light on dark nights. I shower hearts with love, and I am the inspiration for the songs.

A Spiritual Trip to Egypt

The day finally arrived for the long-awaited Egypt trip with some other people, most of whom I didn’t previously know.

The Picture of Happiness

Someone gave me twelve crayons and a small piece of paper to draw on. There were already some pictures on the paper, but I was told to draw over them. I wasn’t that good at drawing, but I started nevertheless.

He Loves Me or Not?

In a green garden full of white daisies, a small girl picked a daisy and began to tear off its petals one by one, hoping to get the answer “yes” to the crucial question: “Does he love me or not?”

God’s Finger

She had been completely stressed the last few days. She faced a wonderful opportunity that could help achieve all her desires.


Those who devote themselves to the spiritual life also care about the language of symbolism. They perceive everything as a sign or a message from the universe.

One More Piece

Among her birthday presents, she found a box, which she took in a flurry. She was really fond of presents, especially the ones that were carefully selected and reflected the spirit of the giver.

How to Grow Flowers

Everything has its correct timing, and whatever you do or how much you know about the process does not change the moment of existence of anything.