Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Zeynep Sevil Güven

Zeynep Sevil Güven

Just Some Little Notes For Our Souls

I examine the situation carefully whenever someone tries to draw me into a fight about something. I silently say thanks for existence, ease of mind,...

Questions, Questions

How many decisions have you made today that might hinder you tomorrow? Would you like to be free from these decisions? If not, why do...

About Marriage

We don’t know when marriage was first invented. It’s likely it started with only good intentions. For example, when men were making better money, marriage...

Attaining Oneness

I recently encountered many people who cannot recognize how the actions of their ancestors are making their way back to their descendants by depriving...

In the Era of the New Energy

Many people expected the end of the world after December 21, but this was, as we emphasized repeatedly in The Wise, actually a spiritual...

The “100% Yes” Philosophy

We have long been familiar with Zeynep Sevil Güven, one of The Wise’s contributing authors. She has impressed not only me, but also many...

Cancer Can Offer Healing Too

Yes, and you can do it as well. Don’t forget it! To heal cancer, you should be aware, informed, and adept while respecting and...

Why Do We Get Sick?

I was a sickly child. I suffered from bronchitis at least two times a year, complete with coughs from hell. I also got pneumonia...

Conscience, Goodness, and Evil

What would you say if I told you, “I don’t believe in a continuous state of peace. In effect, there’s no war, and peace doesn’t exist. Even if the place we call Earth is real, the life on it is completely virtual.

Sex, Healing, and Money

Many masters have made countless statements honoring the issue of money, but they all failed to address our aversion to it. We kept finding money vulgar and associating it with sinister or parasitical people, judging and ostracizing the wealthy while still turning green with envy.

Management in a Time of Crisis

Bert Hellinger, the creator of the Systemic Constellation process and Movements of the Spirit-Mind, pointed out something that was also acknowledged in the ancient sources of knowledge.

Emotional Traps

In my opinion, our only purpose in life is to experience emotions in our bodies physically, and we already know this in theory.