Thursday, July 18, 2019

I’m a Scorpio…

The two main characteristics of a Scorpio are mystery and sexuality. Sex? Sexuality? But how?

mean and skeptical comments about the astrological signs

Mean and Skeptical Comments about the Astrological Signs

What's the Trouble with Them? Aries If you ever see a trouble seeker, he or she will surely be an Aries! If you hate an Aries...
do the planets rule us?

Do the Planets Rule Us?

As astrologers, we often use phrases like: You will find a new job with the help of Saturn. The Mars – Uranus opposition may...
the sun and gold

The Sun and Gold

For thousands of years, gold was considered the metal of the Sun. The chemical symbol Au comes from the Latin word Aurum, meaning glittering...
the effects of solar activities

The Effects of Solar Activities

Ancient civilizations believed the Earth, the Sun, and even the whole cosmos were alive. They believed everything had a spirit. The Sun was everything;...

Sexuality and the Signs of the Zodiac

The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Pluto are the heavenly bodies responsible for sexuality. If at least some of these bodies make positive aspects with each other in a natal chart, we can say the subject will have a happy sex life.

theodosius i and astrologers

Theodosius I and Astrologers

He declared Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire and issued edicts against pagans and their religions. Following his death, the Empire...
mayan prophecies

Mayan Prophecies

The Mayans could be described as shamans who specialized in science and astrology and lived on the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America.

men and their signs

Men and their Signs

I’m one of those people who asks the grocer about his Zodiac sign while trying to buy some parsley. People’s signs are of great...
cosmobiology and the aries point

Cosmobiology and the Aries Point

Historically, the term Cosmobiology has generally been used to describe a branch of astrology that works on a scientific basis and is keyed to...
beware of the mercury retrograde!

Beware of the Mercury Retrograde!

It is time for Mercury retrograde! Don’t panic! This does not mean that everything will stop or things will get worse.

the grand trine in the water signs: a healing life

The Grand Trine in the Water Signs: A Healing Life

The Uranus–Pluto square, which will be in effect between 2012 and 2015, indicates there will be great turbulence in the economy.