Thursday, July 18, 2019
my dear cancer (part 2): bottom burp

My Dear Cancer (Part 2): Bottom Burp

Many years ago, I came across an interesting test in one of Osho's books. In this test, Osho suggests a practice to improve the...
modern reiki vs. traditional japanese reiki

Modern Reiki vs. Traditional Japanese Reiki

My whole understanding of Reiki has changed after I attended a Shinpiden class (Traditional Japanese Reiki Master Training). At that point I was already teaching...
18 amazing benefits of yoga, according to science

18 Amazing Benefits of Yoga, According to Science

Yoga is becoming more mainstream in western cultures as those who practice it realize the numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits that come with...
my dear cancer (part 7): thanks to me

My Dear Cancer (Part 7): Thanks to Me

Classical physics and subatomic physics have different understandings of time. There’s a question that clearly shows this difference: “Does time surf in your mind or...
how to get the perfect hips and legs

How to Get the Perfect Hips and Legs

Give and take: This is exactly what time does to us. It embellishes the mind and enriches the soul. Even the look in our...
why the intestines are our brains? – yogic & ayurvedic view

Why the Intestines are Our Brains? – Yogic & Ayurvedic View

Our wellbeing is the product of food. Good and agreeable food is the key to happiness and our optimal functioning. The food is the fuel...
the healer

The Healer

The mother had only been asleep less than an hour when she was suddenly woken by a terrifying sound next to her. It sounded...
old wives’ tales

Old Wives’ Tales

What do we think about when we talk about old wives’ tales? We often use it to refer to the therapeutic methods practiced by the...
5 tips for shutting your brain off to go to sleep

5 Tips For Shutting Your Brain Off to Go to Sleep

Are you one of those people who have trouble shutting their brain off when trying to sleep every night? Here are some tips which may...
oil pulling

Oil Pulling

It’s been almost a year since I started practicing oil pulling every morning just after waking up. Being an ex-engineer, I approach any new method...
how does allopathic medicine ruins your yoga practice

How Does Allopathic Medicine Ruins Your Yoga Practice

In the many years of teaching yoga, I have seen several people who were and are on allopathic pills for extensive periods and they all suffer from stiffness, constipation and mental woes.

the myths and facts of protein consumption

The Myths and Facts of Protein Consumption

When you’re a vegan, the most common questions you hear are, “Where do you get your protein from?”, “How do you make sure you...