Thursday, July 18, 2019
i don’t eat meat anymore: let me tell you why

I Don’t Eat Meat Anymore: Let Me Tell You Why

I haven!t eaten meat for nine months, so am I a vegetarian? No.

abundance, prosperity, and much more…

Abundance, Prosperity, and Much More…

Promise to be a flower and spread smiles around you. It’s easy then to find an Earth that carries you over your head” - Rumi

how about what you really want?

How About What You Really Want?

We all heard many definitions as we were raised. Our minds are full of concepts that are either good or bad.

to forgive…

To Forgive…

Is there anyone in your life you cannot forgive? Once upon a time, there were such people in my life.

observing yourself

Observing Yourself

Wouldn’t you want your day to pass like this? Come on then. Let’s wake the observer within and never let it fall asleep again…

you are what you believe

You Are What You Believe

You’re certain you have set your goals, and they are what you really want. Not only will you feel better about yourself when you...
how to find your soulmate with feng shui

How to Find Your Soulmate with Feng Shui

Feng Shui,  an ancient system may help you find that person you have been hoping to meet one day. Do you know how?

a universal leader and anatolian hero: mustafa kemal ataturk

A Universal Leader and Anatolian Hero: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

What do you know Mustafa Kemal Atatürk as? As a statesman or soldier? Maybe you know him as the commander of the army your grandfather fought with or against.

how to grow flowers

How to Grow Flowers

Everything has its correct timing, and whatever you do or how much you know about the process does not change the moment of existence of anything.

loving yourself

Loving Yourself

“Life consists of small things. They become great if you love.” — Osho Loving yourself is always the first recommendation made by personal development books...
one question can change your life!

One Question Can Change Your Life!

When I observe the people in my life, I see some of them are sad, worried, and confused. They are confused because they don’t know what they want from their lives.

turn to nature and you will find what you are looking for…

Turn to Nature and You Will Find What You Are Looking...

In past times, we would look it up in encyclopedias or ask knowledgeable people. Today, there is the new concept of “Google” in our lives. We simply type the keywords into the search bar and hit the enter button, and thousands of results then wait for us.  If we narrow down the search criteria, it becomes easier to find the right answer we are looking for?