Wednesday, May 22, 2019

One More Piece

Among her birthday presents, she found a box, which she took in a flurry. She was really fond of presents, especially the ones that were carefully selected and reflected the spirit of the giver.

To Forgive…

Is there anyone in your life you cannot forgive? Once upon a time, there were such people in my life.

Blue Forest

Tonight I am all alone. My roommates are out for the night. There is no humming of the TV from downstairs or human voices...

If You Hurry, Slow Down and Stay Within Yourself

City life is very noisy. We become unable to hear our inner voice because of this noise. We aren’t even aware of what we really...

A Letter to Steve Jobs

First of all, I must say something. We empower anything we reject by giving our own power to it, but we share in the power of anything we accept.

Love Affairs of Self Destruction

One day I went to the swimming pool with my father. One of us is a Cancer, the other a Pisces; so we like...

The True Happiness

The achievements of my teenage years belong to my teenage years. The achievements of my twenties belong to my twenties. The achievements of yesterday...

The Precious Balance of Perfection

Lately, I watched the movie Black Swan. In this, Natalie Portman plays a ballerina in a New York City ballet company whose life is completely consumed...

Can Yoga Really Make You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is an emotional subject for many, and this continues to be the case. Nevertheless, is it right? The answer is no.

The Summit

They told us there were many mountains before us, and we were expected to climb each of them. We all believed the shrewd teachers were...

Master, Where Does this Road Lead to?

It is said the route, method or system is not something that you follow or apply; it is something you carry within you.

Free Yourself From Repetitious Situations

Sometimes life feels like a video game.