Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Once Upon a Time, There were Women but no Men…

I want to share a story with you that I compiled from sessions with my relationship-coaching clients.

The Tennis Ball and the Targets

Where did we make a mistake? What kind of a system did we build? Where did we give up being human and just begin to imitate?

Your Journey with your Soul Mate…

You’ve searched for him for years. You’ve embraced thinking that maybe he is the one.

The Dream Realm: The Soul’s Homeland

In ancient times, stories and images of dream healing played a big role in peoples’ lives. They gathered to tell stories. They wondered and searched beyond the ordinary life, trying to understand these mysteries.

Abundance, Prosperity, and Much More…

Promise to be a flower and spread smiles around you. It’s easy then to find an Earth that carries you over your head” - Rumi

Driving for Beginners

No matter how positively you think, or how many affirmations you make, you cannot move forward before cleansing yourself of the sorrows and angers of the past and eliminating any limiting beliefs.

Recognizing, Trusting, and Taking Action on Your Intuition

When we won’t let go and fear trusting our inner guidance it is because we want to “control” the outcome. The problem with control is that we also limit the possibilities of what may happen when we try so hard to be in control of things.

The Picture of Happiness

Someone gave me twelve crayons and a small piece of paper to draw on. There were already some pictures on the paper, but I was told to draw over them. I wasn’t that good at drawing, but I started nevertheless.

Serendip Island

Serendip means a happy, pleasant accidental surprise.

Overcoming Fear in Eight Steps

Do you have any fears that affect your life but can’t overcome them? If so, do you want to conquer them and liberate yourself?

The Art of Handling a Relationship with your Soul Mate

Now a real person is sleeping next to you, rather than a cat or a teddy bear. Some nights in bed, you find yourself looking over with astonishment and thinking, “I still can’t believe it. Are you real?” You can’t believe your countless years of loneliness are over.

He Loves Me or Not?

In a green garden full of white daisies, a small girl picked a daisy and began to tear off its petals one by one, hoping to get the answer “yes” to the crucial question: “Does he love me or not?”