Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Life Journey of Successful Men Searching for Their Mothers

They say, If a person is deprived of the love of their mother, they become wise or cruel. Let's explore together how our relationships with our mothers affect our lives, and how it can even change the world.

Once an Addict, Always an Addict: Is This Really True?

Years ago, a rehab institute asked me to help them with their sessions. I didn’t have much expertise in it at the time, but...

Anthroposophy: The Wisdom of Being Human

For many years in 20th century Europe, those closely involved in spiritual issues witnessed the sophisticated spiritual activities of a very extraordinary man, Rudolf Steiner.

The Darkness Can Only Be Enlightened by Your own Light

The world is experiencing an undeniable transition, both in physical and spiritual matters.

Bridging Two Worlds

Our awareness resides, moment to moment, in either the conventional or transcendental realities.

Photo by Bahadir Karabiyik

Wisdom and Illusion

The more expectations you have about the world, the more powerful it dominates you.

Emotional Traps

In my opinion, our only purpose in life is to experience emotions in our bodies physically, and we already know this in theory.

A New Holistic Approach To Old Cancer Disease

Cancer is a visible form of low vibrating records that our soul is carrying. According to my opinion all the other physical explanation might be part of the reality and they mostly are tools that our soul is using to show her pain.

Why is the World Like This?

Actually, there are no problems in the world, yet our minds feel there are. This happens because of how we perceive the world due to...

Attaining Oneness

I recently encountered many people who cannot recognize how the actions of their ancestors are making their way back to their descendants by depriving...

Ways and Means to Rebalance Humanity

History is only a tale that speaks about the endless struggle between the powerful and the weak. This long, long story has a very interesting aspect: By the end of each episode, the power always shifts to the opposite side.

The Burnout Syndrome

Are you bored? Do you feel like a piece of chewing gum stuck to the sidewalk? And do you feel like people are walking...