Thursday, July 18, 2019
self, souls and different levels of reality

Self, Souls and Different Levels of Reality

Q: Is there a logical proof that all souls are multiple personalities of the same self, and of what therefore to do? A: What an interesting...
welcome to the journey of the wise

Welcome to The Journey of The Wise

Welcome Aboard to the Journey of The Wise. The Wise is the English version of the national magazine that we open up to the world. We have started our journey under the name of derKi in Turkey; now that we have a new route we thought it would be better to have a brand new name pulsated with energy. Hope the name got through to you.

the heart’s wisdom in relationships

The Heart’s Wisdom in Relationships

Here is another response to a question someone sent me about listening to their heart to know what is true in their relationship. Specifically...
small truths are still true

Small Truths Are Still True

Q: I have an opportunity to be trained for free and employed as a life coach. This is like a dream come true for...
the nature of reality: ishwara-brahman-atman-paramatman

The Nature of Reality: Ishwara-Brahman-Atman-Paramatman

All is consciousness, even things that appear not, actually are, for they come from consciousness and are moved by consciousness. What is consciousness? Consciousness is You,...
the order of the chakras

The Order of the Chakras

I've lately come across several claims about opening the chakras, regulating this chakra, or balancing that one. There’s a significant order to the chakras, though,...
circles of pain

Circles of Pain

Who knows how many circles of pain we have in our energy fields, waiting for the day of reckoning, to live fully the feeling captured inside and transform it.

if god had been a goddess, the world would smell of honeysuckle

If God Had Been a Goddess, the World Would Smell of...

God, or masculine energy in other words, has become an obsession for us all. But this must stop, and the obsession must end. Disillusioned men...
spirituality and money

Spirituality and Money

We often hear the same questions at the growing number of workshops and training sessions for spirituality. In fact, the whole world is discussing...
different schools of yoga

Different Schools of Yoga

In classical terms, there are 4 paths- Karma Yoga (yoga of action), Bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion), Jnana yoga (yoga of wisdom) and Raja...
on sympathy, antipathy and empathy

On Sympathy, Antipathy and Empathy

Even if we say that we are not uninformed about these words, how much we know about their actual meaning and how much we...
the magic of tantra massage

The Magic of Tantra Massage

It is important to understand that Tantra Massage does not mean ‘Sexual Massage.’ Does Tantra Massage Include a Happy Ending? In the world at large there...