Thursday, July 18, 2019


We live unhappy lives. People say that modern life drives us crazy. We believe that if we live a more natural life, use healthy products, and do enough exercise, we will organize our social relationships better.

being a healer is no simple thing

Being a Healer is No Simple Thing

It was 2002. It all began when I was initiated into the second level of Reiki. After my initiation, I practiced with my Reiki...
global gordian knot, retaliation and consciousness

Global Gordian Knot, Retaliation and Consciousness

In today's world where the total human population is estimated to be around 7 billion, we have to refer to a very important matter...
emotional traps

Emotional Traps

In my opinion, our only purpose in life is to experience emotions in our bodies physically, and we already know this in theory.

the nature of consciousness

The Nature of Consciousness

Buddhist thinking considers the whole of existence to be six dimensional in space-time, but it might be misleading to perceive these dimensions as physical ones.

the burnout syndrome

The Burnout Syndrome

Are you bored? Do you feel like a piece of chewing gum stuck to the sidewalk? And do you feel like people are walking...
the fourth network: the spiritual network of the internet

The Fourth Network: The Spiritual Network of the Internet

In almost every country in the world, the Internet has become a widely used and inseparable part of our lives. Now we can also easily connect using mobile telephones and tablet computers, the Internet is even more versatile. 

can women rescue the world?

Can Women Rescue the World?

This interview between The Wise editor Hasan “Sonsuz” Çeliktaş and The Wise writers Burak Eldem and Cem Şen discuss the current situation of feminine energy and if women embody the power to rescue our world from its impending problems.

everything you always wanted to know about sex and spirituality

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex and Spirituality

What is the relationship between sexuality and spirituality? What about raising the Kundalini, attaining the state of divinity, sharing love, and so on? And also why people gradually become increasingly asexual on their spiritual journeys?

learning is a journey

Learning is a Journey

This is the day, my friends. This is the day to sow the seeds that our ancestors planted thousands of years ago.

on spirituality and the masters

On Spirituality and the Masters

What is spirituality? More or less, we all have some ideas about it. Let’s delve deeper and see the meaning of spirituality in this conversation between Cem Şen and me—Sonsuz, editor of The Wise magazine.

spiritual sexuality: well-known facts that are wrong

Spiritual Sexuality: Well-Known Facts That Are Wrong

We hear a lot about sexuality, don’t we? We ceaselessly think and talk about it, one way or another. In effect, sexuality is the main force behind almost everything, from selling products to choosing our clothes.