Thursday, April 18, 2019

Darkness, Adieu

According to many famous spiritual teachers, our world is nearing the end of an age, which they call the Dark Age. They might be right or wrong, but if we look for a way to convince ourselves, we can find substantial evidence in our daily lives.


We live unhappy lives. People say that modern life drives us crazy. We believe that if we live a more natural life, use healthy products, and do enough exercise, we will organize our social relationships better.

How to Charm a Spiritual Woman – Part 2

In the first part of our article, we learned who this 'spiritual woman' was. Now let’s explore how you can meet such a woman.

Can We Change Our Destiny if We Change Our Characters?

We may be creating traumatic events and diseases via our negative thoughts that we produce unconsciously. We weaken our bodies and damage ourselves. But how can we change that?

A Constant Gravity To Change

Have you ever noticed your brain’s tendency to focus, fixate and ruminate over the negative?

Sufism as a Life Philosophy

In the second issue of The Wise, you read the article “Sufism as an Existence Philosophy.” In this article let’s explore how Sufism stands as a philosophy within life.

Life Journey of Successful Men Searching for Their Mothers

They say, If a person is deprived of the love of their mother, they become wise or cruel. Let's explore together how our relationships with our mothers affect our lives, and how it can even change the world.

On Spirituality and the Masters

What is spirituality? More or less, we all have some ideas about it. Let’s delve deeper and see the meaning of spirituality in this conversation between Cem Şen and me—Sonsuz, editor of The Wise magazine.

With Wide Open Arms…

This is the day, my friends. This is the day to sow the seeds that our ancestors planted thousands of years ago.

From The River of Dreams Towards Many Worlds’ World

For anyone interested in diving into many worlds’ world; we find seven levels to the preparation phase, and definitely needs lengthy practice. Below are some simple guidelines for a beginner.

How to Charm a Spiritual Woman – Part 1

There's a special type of woman called Spiritual Woman, and we're serving up a dose of techniques and tactics to charm her. You won't believe how well our advice works!

Circles of Pain

Who knows how many circles of pain we have in our energy fields, waiting for the day of reckoning, to live fully the feeling captured inside and transform it.