Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Love, the Goddess and the Confrontation

Part 1 I was pleasantly sitting in my garden without a care, stretching out with a drink in one hand and a mirror in the...

Marquis and His Love: A Past Life Story

This is a story of past lives which surfaced during one session of a Bridge of Light study.

A 3,000-year-old Ring

There is an interesting story about a lapis lazuli ring. This family heirloom was given to a four-year-old boy by his grandmother on her deathbed. The ring was in a clay box that had cuneiform writing on the top.

Marie and Hasan: A Tale of Regression Therapy

(Be prepared for a true story that came to light thanks to regression therapy.) Marie was a young girl who lived in a small mountain...

Long Live Plato!

It was 1992, and I was thoroughly enjoying my time at the great Toros High School. It was also my last beautiful days in Mersin, and during this beautiful time, I fell in love with a beautiful girl.

The Dark and The Light: A Regression Therapy Story

(Be prepared for a true story that came to light thanks to regression therapy.) Have you ever felt an intense contraction in your stomach? And...

I’m the Son of a Medium!

Writing this article is not easy for me, but nor was being the son of a medium. I suppose it was the root cause of my skepticism. You establish norms according to the environment you live in, so children’s norms come from their family and their friends.

In The River of God…

The story of a spiritual journey, each sentence felt and lived.

The Eye of Horus: Yet another Tale of Regression Therapy

I'm in a room, an adobe room, all alone and lying on a bed. An oil lamp illuminates parts of the otherwise dark room....