Issue 40 of The Wise is Out Now!


    The most recent issue of The Wise magazine is available now for Amazon Kindle!

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    Here are some major topics in issue 40:

    Are You Really Standing Still? – Yiğit Penguen
    Letting Go of the Past – Cem Şen
    Are You Accessible? – Meryem Suna
    The Many Dimensions of Love – Nirmala
    Mutable Sense – Yiğit Penguen
    Every Love Is a “Sufi” Seed – Meryem Suna
    Motivation After Spiritual Awakening – Nirmala
    The Formidable Battle between Darkness and Light – Nimet Erenler Gülkökü
    The Future Forged by Prometheus: The Wavering Throne of Zeus – Devrim Dölen
    Brown is the Color of Eternity – İbrahim Baran Kurt Gündüz
    Energy of the Cities – Sinem Oktay
    Are We Vulnerable? – Güldehan Aysan
    Confidence and Capitalism – İdil Göksel
    Old Wives’ Tales – K. Hüsnü Can Başer
    Yoga Ashram India – Bhavani Bahar

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