Nepal – Bhutan Voyage (June 28-July 7)


    Dearest friends,

    We went last year to Bhutan for 9 days, giving us the chance to profoundly explore this mysterious yet often-overlooked country. This year, we’re planning a seven-day trip to all the must-see spots we found on our last trip. We’ve also added a two-day-trip to Katmandu, so we can also experience Nepal’s capital city.

    Here are the details of our Nepal and Bhutan trip:

    Nepal and Bhutan Voyage with Hasan Sonsuz Çeliktaş

    Date: June 28, 2018–July 7, 2018

    Price: Please mail us for the price… (




    Day 1: (June 28)
    We fly from Istanbul to Katmandu in the evening.

    Day 2: Katmandu (June 29)
    We spend our first day in Katmandu, Nepal’s capital. After checking in to our hotel, we will visit the largest temple in Katmandu, Pashupatinath. After observing the cremation ceremonies, we will go to the Boudhanath, the biggest Buddhist Stupa. I consider this place to be the most beautiful part of Katmandu. It’s so peaceful and calm, and there are numerous things to do.

    Day 3: Thimpu (June 30)
    We depart in the morning for Bhutan, where the only airport is in the city of Paro. We will travel from Paro to the capital Thimpu, a journey that is in itself really amazing. Bhutan is a really special country. It’s clean, serene, and organic in every aspect. After checking into our hotel, we’ll begin exploring the city. There are fortresses called Dzongs that were originally built to defend the city, but they are now used for religious and administrative purposes. We will visit the largest Dzong in the capital along with other notable buildings. Right across from our hotel, there’s a splendidly soothing Buddhist monument. It’s a great experience to wake up early in the morning and then go there to meditate with the people of Bhutan.

    Day 4: Thimpu – Gangtey (July 1)
    We fell in love with Gangtey last year. It has such an exquisite nature that the entire group was so happy there. Although the road there is a little awkward, it’s so worthwhile that I include it in the itinerary again. I simply cannot think of Bhutan without considering Gangtey. We will stay overnight in this beautiful district.

    Day 5: Gangtey – Punakha (July 2)
    We will wake up and visit the temple of feminine energy in Gangtey. I can’t even remember the exact name of this temple, but the memory of its energy still seems so fresh. Afterwards, we’ll go trekking and enjoy the beauty of the area’s nature. In the afternoon, we’ll start making our way to Punakha.

    Day 6: Punakha – Paro (July 3)
    We will visit the amazing Chimni Lamtang Temple in Punakha. This is a center for masculine energy, complementing the feminine energy we experience in Gangtey. After this we will head towards Paro.

    Day 7: Paro (July 4)
    Paro is the second-largest city of Bhutan, and I love this area, so we’ll simply walk around Paro and explore it.

    Day 8: Paro (July 5)
    Any trip to Bhutan is not complete without a visit to the Tiger’s Nest Temple. We will take the two-hour trek up to the temple, where we can integrate and balance the masculine and feminine energies.

    Day 9: Paro (July 6)
    We will bid farewell to Bhutan and return to Nepal, where we’ll be staying in the Bhaktapur district. We will explore the area and have the opportunity to do some shopping.

    Day 10: Paro (July 7)
    As our journey ends, we will take the morning flight back to Turkey.

    Included in the price:
    All accommodation
    All meals
    All tours, guides and transfers
    Return flight tickets for Katmandu–Paro
    Visa for Bhutan
    Travel insurance

    Extra costs:
    Istanbul–Katmandu return flight tickets (around $750)
    Nepal visa ($25)
    Personal expenses

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