Take a Spiritual Voyage to Egypt (29 May-6 June)


    Take a Spiritual Voyage to Egypt with Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas

    Many of you have been reading with us for years, but for the first time, we would like to invite you to join us in an exploration of the soul in one of the most spiritual places on Earth.

    Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas, editor of The Wise, has been organizing spiritual voyages around the world for eight years. The destinations include Egypt, Bali, Nepal, Bhutan, Bosnia, Peru and Mexico. During these voyages, guests visit the destination country’s historical and cultural places of interest and can discover its very soul. Hasan will guide you to the most energetic vertex spots, so you can feel the spirit of the Earth and remember you are one with everything around you.

    Basic information

    Date: Arriving on Tuesday May 29, 2018 and departing on Wednesday June 6, 2018 (9 Days)

    Price: 1450 Euro (Flights not included)

    Accommodation: Full-Board basis for all 9 days

    Contact: editor@thewisemag.com


    Day 1: Arrive in Cairo

    We will gather at Cairo Airport and then proceed to our hotel.

    Day 2: The Pyramids – Cairo Museum

    Our first visit will be to the Pyramids, entering the Great Pyramid and tasting its energy. Following this, we will see Kafre, Menkure and the Great Sphinx. We will also visit the Cairo Museum in the afternoon.

    Day 3: Saqqara and Aswan

    In the morning, we will head to the “Stepped Pyramid” of Saqqara. This area includes a very interesting monument named the Seraphium. It is full of very large sarcophagi and tunnels with a very great energy. Afterward, we will have lunch before flying to the beautiful city of Aswan.

    Day 4: Aswan-Elephantine-Nubian Village

    Aswan is my favorite city in Egypt. In the morning, we will visit the island of Philae and the Temple of Isis. Afterward, we will visit the ancient city of Elephantine. Next, we will swim in the River Nile and visit Nubian Village.

    Day 5: Aswan and Nile Cruise

    In the morning, we will visit the Abu Simbel temples, although those that need a rest can skip this and stay in the hotel. In the afternoon, we will begin our Nile cruise.

    Day 6: Kom Ombo – Edfu

    In the morning, we will get to see Kom Ombo, a temple of healing in Ancient Egypt that is dedicated to Horus and Sobekh. In the afternoon, we will visit Templeo of Edfu, which is dedicated to the god Horus.

    Day 7: Abydos – Dendera

    On this very special day, we will visit Abydos and Dendera. This will be an opportunity to heal both male and female energies and see the most exciting temples in Egypt. First we will visit Abydos, the Temple of Seti I, and the Great Osiris Temple. Then we will see Denderah and the Temple of Hathor. I have the say that its energy is magnificent.

    Day 8: Luxor – Valley of the Kings – Medinat Habu – Karnak

    First we will visit the famous Valley of the Kings and then the Temple of Medinat Habu, which is dedicated to the goddess Sekhmet. In the afternoon, we will go to the Great Karnak Temple.

    Day 9: Fly to Cairo

    In the morning, we will leave Luxor and fly to Cairo before returning to our various home countries.

    The price includes:
    All meals
    All entrance tickets
    All transfers and guides
    A 2-night stay at the Cairo Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel (5 Star)
    A 2-night stay at the Mövenpick Aswan Hotel (5 Days)
    3 nights on a Deluxe Five Star Nile Cruise
    A 1-night stay at the Luxor Steinberger Hotel

    Extra costs:
    Flight Tickets (From your country to Cairo, Cairo to Aswan, and Luxor to Cairo—I can help you obtain tickets)
    Visa Price (25 dollars payable at the airport)
    Tips (estimated at 75 Dollars per person)
    Hotel extras
    Drinks and your personal shopping

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