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A. Kerim Soley

A. Kerim Soley

A. Kerim Soley is a social anthropologist and writer. After graduation in political sciences and public relations, Kerim worked mainly on human behaviors, the history of religions and Far-Eastern beliefs. He attended many mystic groups and conducted spiritual research while studying western philosophy, eastern mysticism, the fourth-way thinking, and Sufism.

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In the second issue of The Wise, you read the article “Sufism as an Existence Philosophy.” In this article let’s explore how Sufism stands as a philosophy within life.

Parallel Universes theory is a gift of contemporary quantum concept to the human mind.

Sufism is a life philosophy based on mysticism: Man and the cosmos' creation, the reason of existence, and asserting a continuous maturation and enlightenment which leads to understanding the reasons behind it all.