How to Find Your Soul Mate


For years, you’ve spent your nights cuddling with your pillow or your cat. Occasionally, you woke up with someone next to you, but that was all. It was just a person to chat, giggle, and have sex with, but it was no more than that. Now you really want a man in your life who will welcome you with joy when you come home and vice versa. He is the man with whom you will enjoy your favorite DVDs together. He is the man who will be the father of your children. Even years later, your heart will pound with excitement for him. He will never forget the anniversaries and always make you feel special. He will be a real gentleman and won’t be interested in other women. So, do you know how to find the man who will complete you? Here are a few tips… 

The Starting Method

Take a nice warm shower first thing in the morning. It is very important to feel completely relaxed, because you cannot achieve this task if you feel uncomfortable. Stay in the shower as long as it takes and feel the beauty of the water on your skin. Afterwards, take your time to moisturize your body with your favorite body lotion. You should feel completely relaxed. Next, using the mirror, look into your eyes carefully. Examine yourself, and then tell yourself, “There’s no way I’ll ever find that perfect man…”

I’m sorry? What exactly do you mean?

You really thought I would give you the details of a ritual to enable you to find the man of your dreams, didn’t you? Sorry, but I’m giving away nothing, nada, zilch!There is no magic recipe telling you how to find your soul mate. The universal system does not operate like that. It’s not like the concrete world.You cannot reach your goals using shortcuts in the system of the universe. Even if you feel that you’ve found a shortcut, sooner or later you realize that it is an illusion, and you may end up paying a higher price in the end. For example, you may earn money easily and become rich, but you will not find peace or happiness. You think you’ve had a spiritual awakeningand decide to sell this knowledge, but one day you will wake up with no light or energy in yourself at all. Or, you may think that you’ve found your soul mate, but then you walk in on him with your best friend. Do I sound too pessimistic—I don’t think so. I’m only telling you the things I’ve observed and experienced in life so far. If you really want to have something in life, you can have it, but you cannot gain it using shortcuts or ready-made recipes. Ok, how? Well, let me explain…

What is a Soul Mate?

If you’ve read books about spiritual issues before, or if you are already on a spiritual journey, I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of soul mates. It is one of the first steps on your spiritual journey. In theory, the unification of soul mates refers to when a single soul, which has previously fragmented, is reassembled from its fragments over the course of a lifetime. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? In other words, you are uniting your own soul when you meet your soul mate. The minute you see this person, you realize that you are completed, and an incredible love story is waiting on your doorstep. I’ll wager that as soon as you finish this article, you will start searching for your soul mate, probably thinking the first person you meet will be “the one.” However, the reality is different. If you follow this path, you may be very disappointed and depressed at the end.

Being soul mates is not a romantic thing. It is when a soul is born with different identities so it can go through different experiences during a specific period. For example, you might be an attractive 35-year-old woman with a career at a big corporation because your soul decided to experience life through this path. However, your soul may also want to experience a different life at the same time, so it might live like a retired 65-year-old train driver. It is like opening multiple accounts on Facebook. You are the one who manages all these different Facebook accounts, but each account represents a different personality. It means you, as the beautiful 35-year-old woman, are the soul mate of the retired 65-year-old man. This is not romantic at all, is it? It’s also very complicated. In fact, the concept of soul mates is one of the most complicated spiritual issues, which I’ve tried to simplify above.

Complicated Things…

I don’t want to confuse you, because the psychic aspects of this issue are extremely complicated. However, let’s ask ourselves a question: Can two soul mates become lovers? In other words, can a soul fall in love with his soul mate during the same period of life? I’ve heard it is possible, but I’ve also read that it can be an incredibly beautiful relationship. Actually, that’s what makes people so excited about finding their soul mates. However, some say these kinds of relationships only happen very rarely. You should bear in mind that you cannot just call for your soul mate and expect him to immediately arrive. If you think like this, you should prepare yourself for disappointment. Unfortunately, many women who are close to spiritual issues make the same mistake, and they end up being miserable. However, you should not lose all hope. Even if you never find your soul mate, you can definitely find many similar souls to your own.

What is a Similar Soul?

 Similar souls are the ones that have a similar frequency to our own soul. People with these souls are the ones we can marry and start a family with, who we can fall head over heels in love with and share our lives with… In spiritual terms, it is called own spouse, but seeing as I also have difficulty in comprehending these spiritual terms, I made up the concept of similar souls.

Your similar souls are the people who you can potentially live the ultimate love story with, who you can fall in love with at first sight, and who you can marry, but you can also ruin your relationship together. In other words, they are the real people around you. You are attracted to each other because of the harmony between you. However, this does not guarantee you will live happily ever after with this person. It has the potential, but it is only potential (Even between soul mates, this is not for sure). In every life experience, we try to develop our souls while enjoying life itself. In life, we need to improve ourselves, and we can only enjoy life if we improve ourselves.

People who enter our lives are like the guests visiting our homes. If the home is stuffy, they naturally try to get us to open some windows and let the fresh air in. At that point, we should open the windows so fresh air, namely the energy of life, can fill the house. This is what we call reflection or mirroring. However, because these people try to point out things that are drawing us away from life, we generally tend to reject their messages. We become angry with them and even try to send them away from our homes because we don’t like facing the truth. Let me mention a very basic universal rule here: If you are annoyed with someone’s behavior, it’s your problem. However, if you observe someone’s annoying behavior without getting angry, it is the person’s problem. Generally, the ones who let us improve ourselves the most are our families and our loved ones. The more we tolerate and accept ourselves as we are, and open our windows, the more we can turn the potential of that incredible love into a real and dynamic energy. However, if we start arguing, we will inevitably be singing the lyrics, “Go on now go / Walk out the door / Just turn around now / Cause you’re not welcome anymore.”

Oh, I’m Confused!

Feeling down now, eh? Sure, it would be swell to follow a simple 10-step plan, but to be honest, these kinds of plans can be helpful too, but only in the beginning stages. It is like taking a painkiller when you have a headache. Painkillers help you with the symptoms, but they don’t address the real cause of your headache, so you end up with another headache later. I’m trying to show you the real cause of the problem here. Many people will come into your life, and, unless you dig deep inside, they will go out of it. Even if you are with the right person, you might suddenly find yourself asking yourself, “I’m unhappy, but why?” Moreover, you might feel guilty because you think you’re being unfair to the person in your life. That’s why we need to dig deeper…

Dredging up…

When it comes to relationships, the basic problem is expectations. You dream of someone coming into your world, like a knight in shining armor, to save you from your own life and rescue you from your troubles and depression. You imagine he will achieve the things for you that you haven’t managed so far. Honestly though, nobody has the power to achieve these things other than you. Even if he were the most wonderful man on earth, you would probably try to get rid of him in the end. This time you will use the excuse that he dazzles you, because you are unaccustomed to his dazzling brightness. The trouble is nobody can give you the things that you should have given to yourself. Nobody can fill the emptiness of your soul.

Let’s again practice the exercise I mentioned earlier. Take a warm shower, moisturize your body, and relax. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question: “Would I date myself?”Yes, this is the question to ask. Would you date yourself? Think carefully before answering, “Sure, of course! I’m such a good-natured, pretty, and attractive woman. Who wouldn’t date me?” These are the positive views of your parents and friends about you. However, you must have some negative aspects as well. You might also say, “Of course I wouldn’t date myself. Who would want to be with a mean and difficult person like me?” In fact, you are neither of these. Look carefully into your eyes… Look deeper… And be honest. Would you really have a relationship with yourself?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or not. If you feel lonely deep inside and answered this question as soon as you read it, I am sure your answer was “No,” because only a lonely person has this particular feeling inside. Such people feel guilty when they answer “No” to the question. On the other hand, let’s say your answer was “Yes.” Here comes the second question: “Give me five good reasons why you would date yourself.” Let me admit that I’ve asked the same question to myself, and I couldn’t find five reasons. Believe me, it really hurt, but at least I tried to be honest with myself.


Being honest with yourself is the most fundamental step to personal development. The more honest you are with yourself, the deeper you can look into your spiritual mirror. The more directly you look into yourself, the quicker you recognize the things that hurt you. This is the only way you can heal yourself easily without feeling any pressure. This is because the only healing method in the universe is to confront yourself, specifically by observing the problem and accepting it. As soon as you embrace the problem, resistance disappears; the energy then flows and heals the problem.

Are you really lonely? Or are you staying alone on purpose? First of all, please answer this question honestly while looking into the mirror. You’ve neglected yourself, and you’ve done everything to get away from yourself, haven’t you? You expected somebody else to show up and change your life, so you could touch your life again. Isn’t this true? Try to look in the mirror, but it will hurt a lot. In life, there is nothing scarier and more challenging than confronting yourself, because you are terrified of seeing reality. More tragically, you believe you will never forgive yourself because of your mistakes. Do you really believe you made unforgivable mistakes? I don’t think so. Does the sun hide from you on a bright, sunny day? Or does the water stop flowing while you’re taking a shower? Or does the sea hide its beauty from you, saying you’re guilty? No. The universe does not judge you. It doesn’t treat you as a criminal. You are the one who does it to yourself. Therefore, you are the one who should forgive yourself…

What do Soul Mates have to do with This?

Ok, please listen to me before you object, you “know-it-all” young woman. It is impossible for you to find happiness unless you pass these stages. Otherwise, one day it will be David and on the next day Andy… One day you’ll find yourself head over hills in love with Jack, but then three months later, you’re crazy for John… Happiness will always be miles away from you while you search for love. But here I am, telling you where to find love. If you cannot take responsibility for your self-love, if you are miles away from yourself, if you are unable to be with yourself, then you shouldn’t blame anybody else or say, “There is no true love in this world.” First, you should confront yourself and be totally honest. Only after that can the “control freak” within you set you free, and the real energy of life will start coming to you. First, you will feel the healing, then the peace, and finally the happiness…

One day someone will unexpectedly knock on your door. He will not be on a white stallion or wearing shining armor, but who cares? You will understand that he is the “spouse” you’ve been waiting years for. He will come in and hold your hand, smiling… You will smile back, and you will both carry these lovely smiles on your faces without any force, obligation, or expectation… Yes, you’re lucky that you’ve finally found your similar soul, your soul mate… Enjoy it…

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