I’m Insane!


Is it those who don’t do what the others tell them to, those who don’t follow the crowd and prefer to walk their own paths? Nobody wants to be insane, so we try to guard ourselves from straying from normality. Every effort is made by the system to teach us to be smart and be one of those regular guys who follows the crowd. If someone raises a hand, we also raise a hand, and the reason for it is not really that important.

Everybody will laugh!

There’s a belief that when people listen to a joke, they laugh regardless of whether they understand it or not—they just laugh. Some even laugh twice—once for their peers and once more when they understand it. Some never laugh at all, because they don’t even know what a joke is!

If all the insane people left the planet, there would be no fun. All the TV channels would shut down. There would be no soap operas or talk shows, because insanity is the source of fun. When the insane do something special and different, you laugh, clap your hands, and cheer. But when you see people like this around you in everyday life, you behave like them as well. They make you happy by making you laugh. Even God is sick of smart, ordinary people and prefers the insane. Maybe even God is not that normal J

Creation continues without a plan. When you attempt something without a plan, others call you insane. You are required to find and name the reason for everything you do. You even try to make sense of your dreams, but why? You flew, saw a bat, and dogs chased you in a dream, so why try to make sense of it? Our ancestors would merely say, “Maybe keep your ass covered when you sleep next time.” Those who think they are smart try to understand everything, because to do something there must be a logical reason.

Insane people do something without any expectations from what they do. There’s no reason or plan behind their actions. When somebody says something strange, we say, “Don’t be so insane.” What’s so bad about being insane, standing out from the crowd, and acting differently? Let the crowd do whatever they want to, and I’ll just do what I want.

The universe is plentiful with its planets, peoples, creatures, and plant life. Nothing is identical to another thing, because each has its own characteristics. Even two fingerprints will never match.

Insane people do what’s unique for them, the things that are not accepted by others. Imagine you are an alien visiting planet Earth. You’re flying over a stadium and watching a soccer match. People are running after a ball and look like they’re fighting for it. Then one tries to kick the ball into a net, which seems to be guarded by someone else. Thousands of spectators are shouting, cheering, and going crazy. Some of them are even fighting with each other. “What the hell?” you think. Wouldn’t this seem baffling to an alien? A game is a game, though, no matter how stupid it seems. Life is a game itself, and when you try to enforce too much reason, meaning, and planning on it, it sucks.

You’re offended when someone calls you insane, but it’s actually a compliment. You’re someone who has the freedom to act. Those who experience freedom cannot be insane. God loves them, because the smart, philosophical ones are boring to him. If you want to make Him laugh, just keep on making plans. He must have become bored of all the many books written about him so far.

Turning your whole life into a game is within your grasp. What I mean by game here is not having a plan. Just play the game and have fun. This is the real religion. This is a kind of celebration. There’s no way to make God angry, because He is not waiting for you to make a fault so he can punish you! Seeing God as a punishing figure is the real mistake. If He really didn’t want you to do something, believe me when I say there would be no way of doing it.

So far everything was just a dream. You laughed, cried, got angry, had fun, and loved. For God, everything is fun. He’s just watching you. Life is a game.

Don’t be afraid of living. The support you need is right behind you. Everything that happens is for your own good. Life is worth living. Otherwise, knowing that you will die means you wouldn’t dare to live. You are not here to pay the bills of others and obey their laws.

You work insanely day and night. You begin the week with the Monday-morning blues and finish the week exhausted. Every day there is the same tiredness and the same routine. It’s the same responsibilities, the same places, the same people, the same gossip…

Let me tell you how to have fun in a crowd. I don’t talk much, but this doesn’t mean I don’t have fun. When five or six people come together, a heavy conversation begins. For example, when people talk about politics, I suddenly ask a question about football and go silent again. The conversation then completely shifts toward football. Then, in the middle of this heated football conversation, I say something about the weather. Now the conversation is about the weather. It’s great fun!

All wise people are insane. When Galileo said the Earth was round, others tried to execute him. When everything changes in life, the only thing that remains is the reference point that enables us to be aware of everything. This is being yourself. This is the source of life. This is wisdom.

Insane people are always cool, calm, free, and happy. They’re not interested in what they own. Think again! Do you own what you buy? Or do the things you buy own you?

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