Wednesday, July 17, 2019
prophecies of the q’ero incan shamans

Prophecies of the Q’ero Incan Shamans

The Q’ero are the last of the Incas — a tribe of 600 who sought refuge at altitudes above 14,000 feet in order to...
can an onion take an astral journey?

Can An Onion Take an Astral Journey?

What is the astral and where can we find this unseen face of existence, this assumption of non-existence and bodiless form of levitation. These definitions may...
parallel universes: science fiction or science fact?

Parallel Universes: Science Fiction or Science Fact?

I decided to sit down at my computer and start writing this article on parallel universes. Of course, picking this topic was entirely my...
the humanism of yunus emre

The Humanism of Yunus Emre

Yunus Emre is undoubtedly one of the greatest humanist of all time. Viewing the concept of the ancient humanistic thought, we see how the...
chaos and order

Chaos and Order

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the...
fractal geometry

Fractal Geometry

Five years ago, a friend of mine generated a drawing on his computer and gave it to another friend as a birthday present. This was...
the secrets of kabbalah

The Secrets of Kabbalah

"Woe be to the man who says that The Law (Torah) contains only common sayings and tales: If this were true, we might even...

Who Built the Great Pyramid?

The first question that comes to the minds of most people who visit Egypt and the pyramids is the same: “How did those guys build all these things?”

Sirius: The Mysterious Star of the Goddess Isis

You’re on a beach during a starry night when subtle blue feelings illuminate the darkness within your soul.

2012: the end or the change?

2012: The End or The Change?

The basic instinct that stimulated the earliest wise men to direct their attention towards the sky was based upon that familiar question: Where are we? What is this place? How does this huge system work?

The Magic of Mandrake

Throughout history, mandrake has been the most powerful plant in the mysterious world of witchcraft. Mandrake is a perennial plant that grows wild in areas influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The plant has large leaves and a very short stem, and it bears purple flowers that turn to yellowish fruits.

The Aura Video Station System

The AVS (Aura Video Station) is a computerized aura-imaging system based on the principles of biofeedback, color psychology, energy, and mind/body medicine.