Breaking the Cycle


While watching the TV series Touch, I saw a scene that impressed me greatly. For those who haven’t watched it, it’s a great series that touches upon the idea that everything in the universe is tightly connected to everything else. It may even trigger a sense of awe while watching it…

Anyway, I came across this scene while watching the second episode. In it, a boy is watching a very important baseball match from the bleachers. He catches the ball when it’s hit into the crowd. As far as I understand, one of the players wants the ball as a keepsake, but the boy refuses to give it up. He later sells this ball for $50,000,  and the player sues him over it. The years pass by, and the boy, who’s now a man, collapses financially. He’s spent all of his money, and to make matters worse, he’s borrowed $10,000 from the Russian mafia. Everything is all so tightly connected in this scenario that I might be unintentionally prolonging this description…

Somehow, he finds the ball he’d sold earlier, and he tries to sell it again to pay his debt, but no one wants to buy it for some reason. He has until evening to find the money, or the mafia thugs will beat him to a pulp. Next, we see him in the baseball field where he caught the ball. He faces the player from that day and gives him back the ball, saying, “Take it. Nothing’s gone right since the day I took it. I want a change.”

The player stares at him, but the man just turns to leave without another word. He then goes to the mafia guys and says he couldn’t find the money, so they’re free to do whatever they want to him. Just as the thugs are about to get to work, the phone of the mafia boss rings. In Russian, his son tells him that no one wants to be his friend because his father is in the Russian mafia. The son had protested that his father is not a bad guy and just decided to call him right at that moment. The son says, “Father, they say you hurt people for money. Is it true?”

The crime boss replies, “No, son. That’s not true.” At that very moment, he resolves to give up his life of crime and tells his victim that he can leave. The guy suddenly brightens up and resolves to make a new beginning…


If you feel like your life is clogged up at some point, if your soul somehow fails to swallow your bites, if you can never feel satisfied, if your plans never reach fruition, if you take a tumble each time you try something, or even if you feel slightly uncomfortable with the way your life goes, you should look back and ask yourself which of your choices is hampering you. See which wall it is that you always bump into, and let the universe steer you in another direction. Déjà vu is not just a feeling of doing something before—it’s a cycle of experiences in which you keep spinning, just like a broken record. You keep listening to the same song over and over again. Okay, it may sound good at the beginning, but you start to feel sick later on. Besides, there are many other songs on the record. Would it be so bad to listen to other songs as well? You can always listen to your favorite song whenever you want…

It’s time to make the choices that we never made before. It’s kind of like it is in computer games, you know. There may be a level you like, and you could try to complete it again the way you did before, but it would be more fulfilling to find a new solution that didn’t occur to you before. I always experience this situation in computer games. In fact, life is like a computer game with an endless number of levels, and we’re the characters in this game.

Touch is a TV series that wonderfully explains this system. The universe is made of number sequences, and anything that doesn’t go well creates disarray, which is reflected on us as suffering. What we need to do is make a different choice. It doesn’t have to be a massive change, because making a small but necessary change is always enough. It’s just like how returning the ball to the baseball player was enough. The rest follows in rapid succession. You don’t have to question it, because life will find its way all by itself.

Start with tiny adjustments and little steps you never attempted before. All you need do is find out what these might be, but remember that every step we take and every choice we make reverberates through the universe and returns to us. We might make choices that come back to haunt us, but fortunately our intuition will help get us through it. We always have the chance to recognize our mistakes and change our behaviors when something doesn’t work anymore.

Come on then—observe your life a little. What’s the choice that’s been hampering you and how can you change the flow?

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