Good Morning, Fellow Human Beings


December 21, 2012 has passed now, and all the stories about doomsday are over. Many people made fun of the Mayans without reading or learning anything about their prophecies. Then everything began to normalize, and people returned to their daily lives, at least until the next doomsday prediction comes along… So what happened? And why didn’t doomsday come? What happened?

Well, we witnessed doomsday, albeit badly. Of course, this wasn’t the Apocalypse as mentioned in the Holy Books. Then again, none of the Holy Books said the Apocalypse would be a cataclysm that would bring the end of the world. The Apocalypse is an awakening, and it is used as a symbol for an awakening in the Holy Books. The Mayans also indicated a similar thing: This was not the end of the world but a period of spiritual awakening. It is the time for our spirits to start waking up.

Many people have had individual awakenings on their paths to get to know themselves, but now a mass awakening is on the way. The masses are being urged to wake up. As far as I can see, this call has become more intense following December 21, 2012. The people who made a step toward a spiritual journey but abandoned it later are now feeling that energy heavily. This is a little like waking up but refusing to get out of bed. I know, because I also discovered that I refuse to get out of bed. This energy hit me, and my soul knows it is time to wake up and get going, but I’m just staring at things. Hey man, get out of bed and be ready! Well, it is fine to have dreams and enjoy them sometimes, but it’s now time to wake up, isn’t it?

Year 2012 was provocative and stimulating. It was very challenging, but we are now in the Sixth Sun era, and there is no way out—we will wake up, and we will get up. We will get ready and set off. I don’t know how it will affect our daily lives, but the only thing I know is that I will get up and get ready. I will take a shower, have my breakfast, put on my clothes, and open the door. I know nothing will be the same once I step outside. What will I experience then? We will all find out…

Let’s leave our beds and start walking then. There’s a huge cosmos out there just waiting to be discovered…

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