Let’s Smurf


You don’t have to be good or positive at all… You don’t even have to do favors for anyone, not a single one in your lifetime. You don’t need to meditate, become a vegetarian, learn any kind of yoga asana, or be able to make a deep “omm” sound. Nor do you need to walk around in bright white robes. You don’t even have to suppress your rage, avoid swearing, or turn the other cheek when someone hits you.

The one and only thing you need do during your life is be yourself, no matter what. Do not deny yourself or act like your something else. Accept and express yourself as you are during your daily life.

Are you a grouchy Smurf? If so, why are you acting like you aren’t? Do you think people will love and accept you more when you act like this? Maybe you’re a dopey, brainy, greedy, clumsy, or maybe even a bad Smurf. Did we ever see a Smurf act differently than what he actually was? We loved them all and accepted them as a whole, didn’t we? Did any of them try to act contrary to their natures? Didn’t we laugh at them as children because they looked funny when they acted differently? So, here is the question: Which Smurf are you?

The journey to oneself is not trying to hide behind a fake identity, nor is it trying to act like an angel with an overly peaceful face, full of happiness and serenity. People might believe you for a while, but eventually your real self will be revealed. Maybe you try to hide behind your fake identity and deny yourself too much, and this reflects back to you when no one wants to even come close to you, let alone spend time with you. You want someone else to be with you, but can you be with yourself?

Each of your actions will certainly trigger a reaction. For example, if you were a grouchy Smurf and you hit someone, you would either be hit back or prosecuted by the law. If you were clumsy, you would cause accidents. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you will encounter the reactions to your actions. You are free to do anything if you are ready to take the consequences. In the meantime, it’s priceless when you give yourself a big hug and say, “That’s me!” with all you have. From that precious moment on, you will reflect the energy of harmony. You will start to see others accepting you as you are. You were judging yourself inside, so others were judging you as well. When you accept what you have and gain your inner harmony, you start spreading peace. You cannot feel peace while trying to act as if you are someone else. You are who you are and nothing else…

When you accept this, the illusion will dissipate as if you’ve found the combination to a safe. Yes, the solution isn’t in goodness, beauty, rightness, and so on. It is hidden in accepting and hugging yourself for what you are. You only deny yourself when you act like you are good but don’t feel even a trace of goodness, and this is what drives you apart from yourself and feeds your illusion. Besides, to who and what do we define goodness, beauty, rightness, and so on? The desire to live in a peaceful world is “right,” “good,” and even “beautiful” according to our human values, but when you express your desire, would  it mean you are “right,” “good,” and “beautiful”? If so, why do you criticize and look down on those who don’t want to live in a peaceful world? Could it be you’re avoiding facing your violent side inside? Could it be your reaction to yourself when you criticize a person for his or her actions by saying, “Come on! How could you do that?”; just because you know you would act the same in a similar situation. When you call a person a despot, maybe he is reflecting your inner despotic side back to you in a form of self-criticism. You may say, “No, that’s nonsense!” but are you sure that person is really a despot? Let me tell you a secret: You deny yourself just as much when you become angry with others.

When you embrace the reality of who you are and give it a big hug, you start to live the real you. Well, the illusion then breaks up and there starts the awareness. At that point, the grouchy Smurf can begin discovering who the Smurfs really are. They are cartoon characters, and their creator is a man named Peyo who was somehow inspired by the universe to create these characters. The process always works. Every creature has a creator, and this has an essential creator too. This continues until the deepest essential self. If you really want to get to know this essential self, the path will be there for you, and this path first involves accepting yourself with all you have…

You may say, “I don’t care about knowing myself, essentially or whatever!” Well, fine. No one in this universe would ask you why. Some come for the journey. Some come to live in their villages, full of happiness within themselves. No one is more important or precious than anyone else. Those who totally accept themselves don’t try at all to be more important or precious. They realize who they are in this life. The satisfaction of being themselves already eliminates the desire to be more precious.”

Now is the time to accept and live with who we are, my dear Smurfs. So, let’s Smurf together…

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