Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Management in a Time of Crisis

Bert Hellinger, the creator of the Systemic Constellation process and Movements of the Spirit-Mind, pointed out something that was also acknowledged in the ancient sources of knowledge.


One of my clients once founded a company. It was a big success until it went bankrupt, but my client then established another successful business.

The Tennis Ball and the Targets

Where did we make a mistake? What kind of a system did we build? Where did we give up being human and just begin to imitate?

The Master’s Journey

I will never forget my first managerial experience. It was 10 years ago, or maybe more, but it seems a lifetime ago and is difficult to remember. It’s as if it happened to a total stranger instead of me. I sometimes see it in my dreams.

Becoming a Winner! But How?

Do not bother to read this article if you are among the people who would rather indulge in negative actions and thoughts that make them go round in circles than to make progress through hard work, or if you are a putterer or cast down everyone.

Life Journey of Successful Men Searching for Their Mothers

They say, If a person is deprived of the love of their mother, they become wise or cruel. Let's explore together how our relationships with our mothers affect our lives, and how it can even change the world.

I Entrust My Career to the Universe

If you feel you are on the edge (of change), and the universe asks you for trust, will you jump if you are told to jump?