Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Welcome to Our Darkness…

Chapter 1 Haven’t you ever got mad at someone? Haven’t you ever used foul language, flaunted something, double-crossed someone, stolen or misappropriated something,  exploited the...

Good Morning, Fellow Human Beings

December 21, 2012 has passed now, and all the stories about doomsday are over.

Void: Creative Darkness

The form then begins to dissolve itself. I begin to realize what I called me is a huge delusion.

Photo by Bahadir Karabiyik

Wisdom and Illusion

The more expectations you have about the world, the more powerful it dominates you.

Darkness, Adieu

According to many famous spiritual teachers, our world is nearing the end of an age, which they call the Dark Age. They might be right or wrong, but if we look for a way to convince ourselves, we can find substantial evidence in our daily lives.


We live unhappy lives. People say that modern life drives us crazy. We believe that if we live a more natural life, use healthy products, and do enough exercise, we will organize our social relationships better.