Thursday, April 18, 2019
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In the Era of the New Energy

Many people expected the end of the world after December 21, but this was, as we emphasized repeatedly in The Wise, actually a spiritual...

Being a Healer is No Simple Thing

It was 2002. It all began when I was initiated into the second level of Reiki. After my initiation, I practiced with my Reiki...

A Salute from Anatolia

The Wise was born in this land, which was enriched by the spirits of the numerous great people who lived here. We try to share the wealth of this unique blend.

TUNE with Nilgun Sarar

We asked questions to Nilgün Sarar who introduced us a new energy technique named as TUNE.

The Soul of the Internet

This time I’d like to try analyzing a topic that I call, “The Soul, the Internet, and the Soul of the Internet.”The first question that arises is: Does the Internet even have a soul?