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about past lives…

About Past Lives…

As far as I remember, I always had vivid and powerful dreams that woke me up screaming and sweating-cold-scared in the early hours of...
of the white lotus path

Of the White Lotus Path

We have been introducing the ‘white and blue lotus’ concept-image in our recent seminars and study courses in İstanbul. We came along this amazing notion in our studies...
beyond illusion

Beyond Illusion

The reality that exists around us, the one we live In, is actually nothing more than an illusion created by the self and projected...
the formidable battle between darkness and light

The Formidable Battle between Darkness and Light

It’s the inevitable fight between Agartha and Shambhala, and in this battle, evil destroys goodness and darkness destroys light. According to the Mayan calendar, we...
awakening and pursuit

Awakening And Pursuit

Every soul will come, and with them a driver and a witness. (The Qaf Surah, 21) Everyone has a purpose for existing. When mothers and...
chaos and order

Chaos and Order

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the...
the secrets of kabbalah

The Secrets of Kabbalah

"Woe be to the man who says that The Law (Torah) contains only common sayings and tales: If this were true, we might even...

Could the Love You Expect be the Harbinger of Hatred?

The laws of nature and the universe neither divide anything, nor do they make a distinction between anything. They are unconditional. It is our thoughts that divide, categorize, and condition everything.

The Religion of the Universe: Part 3

The Akhenaten Religion: The Basis of Today’s Major Religions. Akhenaten was known as Amenhotep IV (Amenophis IV) when he came to the throne of Egypt. Compared to the other pharaohs, we know very little about him because his successors deliberately erased his name from history. Although it was a serious crime in Ancient Egypt, his name was even erased from his tomb.

a letter to esoteric organizations

A Letter to Esoteric Organizations

Having been part of humanity’s great mission for thousands of years, the esoteric tradition has acted as the architect of our civilization.

the illuminati revisited: the standing dish

The Illuminati Revisited: The Standing Dish

This is the whole story, but the conservative and rightwing ideologists and media of the West succeed in presenting the “Illuminati Tales” as a kind of ghost story filled with mysterious images of a secretive, frightening, and dangerous enemy!

why not?

Why Not?

The civilization on our planet isn’t the first one to have existed. Certainly, since science is still young and provides no proof regarding these civilizations, it denies their prior existence.