Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Just for Today, Do Not Worry

No wonder “Just for today- Do not Worry “ is the second Reiki precept. Because we all worry about different things at different stages of...

Modern Reiki vs. Traditional Japanese Reiki

My whole understanding of Reiki has changed after I attended a Shinpiden class (Traditional Japanese Reiki Master Training). At that point I was already teaching...

Getting Sick: Coincidental or Not?

In brief, disease results from a state of deterioration in the body or mind that is caused by changes in the body, leading to...

The “100% Yes” Philosophy

We have long been familiar with Zeynep Sevil Güven, one of The Wise’s contributing authors. She has impressed not only me, but also many...

Cancer Can Offer Healing Too

Yes, and you can do it as well. Don’t forget it! To heal cancer, you should be aware, informed, and adept while respecting and...

Why Do We Get Sick?

I was a sickly child. I suffered from bronchitis at least two times a year, complete with coughs from hell. I also got pneumonia...

The Secrets of Being A Healer

Sonsuz: Dear Cem, a new healing trend has emerged among the spiritual community over the last few years. Very few people have yet to take...

Being a Healer is No Simple Thing

It was 2002. It all began when I was initiated into the second level of Reiki. After my initiation, I practiced with my Reiki...

How Does Allopathic Medicine Ruins Your Yoga Practice

In the many years of teaching yoga, I have seen several people who were and are on allopathic pills for extensive periods and they all suffer from stiffness, constipation and mental woes.

What to Eat, When not to Eat!

It is interesting to observe people who are coming to my Yoga for Weight Loss and Detox classes regarding their understanding of diet or rather misconceptions of it.

Sex, Healing, and Money

Many masters have made countless statements honoring the issue of money, but they all failed to address our aversion to it. We kept finding money vulgar and associating it with sinister or parasitical people, judging and ostracizing the wealthy while still turning green with envy.

Cure With Fasting

Pain is, often, an intimate companion throughout our lives. What do we do when we encounter persistent migraines, pain in our joints and numbness in our limbs?