Friday, April 19, 2019
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In my opinion, the best book of the Kryon series is The Journey Home. It narrates a beautiful example that I use in my...

Following the Verb: Human!

The Turks are human! The Kurds are human! The Laz are human! The Circassians are human! The Americans are human! The Arabs are human!...

The Human as a Created Being

An extremely important fact has been forgotten over the course of humanity’s history. As humanity became influenced by materialism, accepting it as the only way of living, it forgot that humans are exclusively spiritual beings.

The Importance of the Collective Consciousness

Our individual consciousnesses reside within, and are derived from, the great consciousness of the cosmos, which also supports us by giving us innate capacities and helping our development.

Is Everything For Human Beings?

Three important characteristics separate human beings from other living creatures: The ability to think, the desire to create based on thought, and the ability to realize this in the material world.

The Miracle of Purring

As you know, humans have investigated the body and sicknesses since they gained a basic awareness. It's possible to blame today's lifestyle and stress for many sicknesses.

Logging In…

We hope we can present you with the chance to think about the Internet more and maybe give you something new to consider.

Ways and Means to Rebalance Humanity

History is only a tale that speaks about the endless struggle between the powerful and the weak. This long, long story has a very interesting aspect: By the end of each episode, the power always shifts to the opposite side.

The Sweet Killer Mint

Nowadays, when I look around, I see killer mints and potential victims turning to these mints. Yes, we are creating more and more mint-like relationships, which occur because of our needs, rather than unconditional love.

Lost Books of Humanity

Legends tell us about mysterious ancient sources carefully kept and preserved by a group of devotees who called themselves the Guardians of Wisdom.

Is There Life on Parallel Universes?

There are twenty-three additional universes, in addition to the universe we now live in. One of them is the real universe and the others considered dream realms.

Revival of the Goddess

Now, after almost 1,500 years, the children of our modern world, or more realistically, a small fraction of it, seems to be re-discovering the goddess and the “life-giving, life-sustaining qualities” of the universal female energy.