Saturday, April 20, 2019
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To Question Oneself

Something has caught my attention for a long time now: The quotes and writings on people’s social networking pages.


Those who devote themselves to the spiritual life also care about the language of symbolism. They perceive everything as a sign or a message from the universe.

The Fourth Network: The Spiritual Network of the Internet

In almost every country in the world, the Internet has become a widely used and inseparable part of our lives. Now we can also easily connect using mobile telephones and tablet computers, the Internet is even more versatile. 

The Soul of the Internet

This time I’d like to try analyzing a topic that I call, “The Soul, the Internet, and the Soul of the Internet.”The first question that arises is: Does the Internet even have a soul?

Logging In…

We hope we can present you with the chance to think about the Internet more and maybe give you something new to consider.