Thursday, April 18, 2019
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2012: The End or The Change?

The basic instinct that stimulated the earliest wise men to direct their attention towards the sky was based upon that familiar question: Where are we? What is this place? How does this huge system work?

Welcome to The Journey of The Wise

Welcome Aboard to the Journey of The Wise. The Wise is the English version of the national magazine that we open up to the world. We have started our journey under the name of derKi in Turkey; now that we have a new route we thought it would be better to have a brand new name pulsated with energy. Hope the name got through to you.

Marquis and His Love: A Past Life Story

This is a story of past lives which surfaced during one session of a Bridge of Light study.

The Lost Labyrinth of Egypt

Three-Thousand rooms all of whose walls are covered with hieroglyphs. Waiting underground to be discovered. Be Ready! We are soon to meet a rare archeological find which will even overshadow the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.

A Pilgrimage with St. George to Capture the Imagination

Aya Yorgi (St. George) Church was founded in the name of St. George and located on one of the highest points of Buyukada Island, off the Asian side of Istanbul. Aya Yorgi has particularly been recognized in Turkey as the foremost influential authority of the Orthodox Church.

Astral Projection: Leaving the Body to Explore Other Dimensions

The human form is composed of the physical  body, but also includes a number of subtle energy bodies used for communication  and sits somewhere between the physical and the soul.

UFOs, UFOs Everywhere

They seem to grow nearer to us as time passes. What will happen when they meet us?

Nostradamus: Beyond the Soothsayer

Nostradamus was one of the most illuminated, wise and extraordinary scientists of the sixteenth century and unfortunately, only a small minority appears to be aware of this.

Is Your Yoga Teacher a Good Fit for You?

I am a yoga teacher. No, not the kind that merely teaches how to stretch or  strengthen the body, but the kind that constantly thinks about the variety of students who find me. The kind who teaches a philosophy of life and likewise, leads life accordingly.

I Entrust My Career to the Universe

If you feel you are on the edge (of change), and the universe asks you for trust, will you jump if you are told to jump?

Create Your Own Paradise

Years ago, at a point when I was floundering in my unhappiness and delaying my happiness at every turn, I was thrown off-guard when a friend of mine said, Hakan, heaven is right here! Such a very different view compared to what I'd been taught.

Own a House for No Reason

All my life I have longed to own a house, so I declared my will to the  universe. Yes, I must have done something right; the Universe made my wish came  true!