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Myth Busters for a Nation on Two Continents: 10 Facts to...

Although Turkey ranks as one of the most visited countries on earth with 27 million visitors in 2010, in general, people still confuse Turkey in its location, language, race and culture.

Kaş: The Paradise Adorned with Bougainvillea

Kaş is a lovely small town, an exceptional part of the Mediterranean where a unique tranquility of nature meets the sea, and where numerous events happen simultaneously.

My Life on Wheels

Cypriot author, poet and basketball player, Orkun Bozkurt, gives an inspiring true account of his life story, in his own words.

How to Charm a Spiritual Woman – Part 2

In the first part of our article, we learned who this 'spiritual woman' was. Now let’s explore how you can meet such a woman.

The Spiritual Anatomy of Losing Weight

This is the story of a woman saying goodbye to her weights and making peace with her body who tried out all types of diets but could not achieve to have a stable weight before.

Swings Within Life

Fifteen years ago, I was in my early twenties. My ideas about life and existence were so sound, clear and stable that I wondered about the direction of the remainder of my life.

How to Climb a Tree

I get messages all the time from people who want to change some things in their lives and say 'I don’t know where to start?'

How to Grow Flowers

Everything has its correct timing, and whatever you do or how much you know about the process does not change the moment of existence of anything.

Becoming a Winner! But How?

Do not bother to read this article if you are among the people who would rather indulge in negative actions and thoughts that make them go round in circles than to make progress through hard work, or if you are a putterer or cast down everyone.

The Silence of Unsatisfied Needs

Consider that unsatisfied needs are like productive lands not watered for a long time. If you water the soil enough, its hidden abundance will reveal itself. So, let’s begin!

Is It Possible to Foresee the Future?

“The girl you are going to marry will come to you upon reading your book… It looks like she is a graduate in International Relations… As for her name…. let me see… Maria? No…Not really! But you are going to marry a Turkish girl with a foreign name…”

Can We Change Our Destiny if We Change Our Characters?

We may be creating traumatic events and diseases via our negative thoughts that we produce unconsciously. We weaken our bodies and damage ourselves. But how can we change that?