Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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In The River of God…

The story of a spiritual journey, each sentence felt and lived.

Mu Civilization and Naacals

According to Naacal teachings, God is love itself, and the entire universe is built on this love. However, only the spirits that are able to comprehend this universal love are capable of returning to it.

Has the Holy Grail Been Found?

What is the Holy Grail? Does it really exist? Or is it simply a symbol as mentioned in the The Da Vinci Code? More importantly, if it does exist, where it is it being kept?

Master, Where Does this Road Lead to?

It is said the route, method or system is not something that you follow or apply; it is something you carry within you.

One More Piece

Among her birthday presents, she found a box, which she took in a flurry. She was really fond of presents, especially the ones that were carefully selected and reflected the spirit of the giver.

Not Much Is So Much More Than Nothing

What will it take to accept that you are perfect?

Truth is Simple

If you want to get to know yourself, start simplifying.

How to Charm a Spiritual Woman – Part 3

Before I go on, let me make the facts clear, so you can make your decision. Here is my warning: Don’t expect too much from a girl you won using manipulation.

Thank You, God

Nowadays, I am playing puss in the corner with God, and, I must admit, I am having fun. The only thing is it compels me to think.

Learning is a Journey

This is the day, my friends. This is the day to sow the seeds that our ancestors planted thousands of years ago.

If I Cannot be Myself, Who Else Can I be?

Is it hard? Which one is easier? To be someone else?

The Sweet Killer Mint

Nowadays, when I look around, I see killer mints and potential victims turning to these mints. Yes, we are creating more and more mint-like relationships, which occur because of our needs, rather than unconditional love.