Saturday, March 23, 2019
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He Loves Me or Not?

In a green garden full of white daisies, a small girl picked a daisy and began to tear off its petals one by one, hoping to get the answer “yes” to the crucial question: “Does he love me or not?”

City of Legends: Manisa

Manisa was once the mythological Magnesia of Tantalus, Pelops, and Niobe; Sardes as the hometown of King Kroisos, the legendary king of Lydia; Atlantis, the legendary lost civilization; the pavilion of the Sarukhanid dynasty; and the city of the shahzades.

To Be, or Not To Be…

Reading the title, you might imagine me holding a skull in my hand while reciting this memorable quote from Shakespeare.

Thinking and Waiting…

What are the things you can do? What features, strengths, and abilities do you have that will enable you to realize your desires and fulfill your dreams?

Women Who Hide Their Womanhood

Some have grown up in small cities where holding the hand of a man would be a big time conversation topic for days.

Lead With Your Heart, Not Your Head

When I tell people I'm a yoga teacher, I can instantly feel the stereotypical assumptions of our kind.

Observing Yourself

Wouldn’t you want your day to pass like this? Come on then. Let’s wake the observer within and never let it fall asleep again…

How to Find Your Soul Mate

For years, you’ve spent your nights cuddling with your pillow or your cat. Occasionally, you woke up with someone next to you, but that was all. It was just a person to chat, giggle, and have sex with, but it was no more than that.

The Solar and Planetary Cycles and World Trade

It is clear that the solar and planetary cycles correspond with trade cycles and shifts in the markets. Studies into sunspots and the planetary cycles show their effect on trade cycles and crop prices has accelerated since 19th century.

Mayan Prophecies

The Mayans could be described as shamans who specialized in science and astrology and lived on the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America.

What is This Thing Called Spiritual Healing?

You arrive at the office in the morning with a splitting headache. Although one pill follows the other, nothing seems to help!

The Secret of the Secret: Sultan Walad

Rumi had a son, eh? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? I am very surprised to hear this. I always thought he wouldn’t have any children because he is Rumi and no ordinary person...