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about past lives…

About Past Lives…

As far as I remember, I always had vivid and powerful dreams that woke me up screaming and sweating-cold-scared in the early hours of...
finite thoughts or infinite possibilities?

Finite Thoughts or Infinite Possibilities?

Infinite possibilities: We are aware of these thanks to quantum physics. The rules of quantum physics reflect on our thoughts. We were trapped with limited...
from ceremonial smoke to incense

From Ceremonial Smoke to Incense

Our home, our planet, is filled with gifts for us to put to good use. One of the most significant of these gifts is...
can an onion take an astral journey?

Can An Onion Take an Astral Journey?

What is the astral and where can we find this unseen face of existence, this assumption of non-existence and bodiless form of levitation. These definitions may...
fractal geometry

Fractal Geometry

Five years ago, a friend of mine generated a drawing on his computer and gave it to another friend as a birthday present. This was...
the secrets of kabbalah

The Secrets of Kabbalah

"Woe be to the man who says that The Law (Torah) contains only common sayings and tales: If this were true, we might even...
who built the great pyramid?

Who Built the Great Pyramid?

The first question that comes to the minds of most people who visit Egypt and the pyramids is the same: “How did those guys build all these things?”

the magic of mandrake

The Magic of Mandrake

Throughout history, mandrake has been the most powerful plant in the mysterious world of witchcraft. Mandrake is a perennial plant that grows wild in areas influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The plant has large leaves and a very short stem, and it bears purple flowers that turn to yellowish fruits.

gomati chakra

Gomati Chakra

Years ago, I remember my mother-in-law and my aunt had these shell stones called Gomati Chakras.

atlantis and osiris

Atlantis and Osiris

Atlantis is the name of one of the lost continental civilizations, similar to Mu.

mu civilization and naacals

Mu Civilization and Naacals

According to Naacal teachings, God is love itself, and the entire universe is built on this love. However, only the spirits that are able to comprehend this universal love are capable of returning to it.

has the holy grail been found?

Has the Holy Grail Been Found?

What is the Holy Grail? Does it really exist? Or is it simply a symbol as mentioned in the The Da Vinci Code? More importantly, if it does exist, where it is it being kept?