Thursday, April 18, 2019
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How Do You Get a Noisy Kid to Be Quiet?

I recently paid a visit to my friend Merve. As the two of us talked, her six-year-old daughter was running around and playing with...

My Life on Wheels

Cypriot author, poet and basketball player, Orkun Bozkurt, gives an inspiring true account of his life story, in his own words.

Swings Within Life

Fifteen years ago, I was in my early twenties. My ideas about life and existence were so sound, clear and stable that I wondered about the direction of the remainder of my life.

First Shock

...Suddenly you realize. There is nothing you can do. He is gone…

Superman or Supermom

I try to be Superman with all my might till the last drop of my blood. Like all other working women, I don't know whether Superman is a superman as much as I am or if I have a claim to his throne without his inborn gift.