Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Truth versus Reality

Existence has two faces: objective and subjective, or rather Truth and reality. Subjective existence, or reality, is valid only within its perimeter, and ceases to...

Let’s Smurf

You don't have to be good or positive at all… You don't even have to do favors for anyone, not a single one in...

Do We Really Exist?

An interview between our editor Hasan Sonsuz Celiktas and The Wise writer Cem Sen about our existence.

Everybody’s Gone Surfin’

I have heard how 2012 was an important year since I first became interested in spirituality in 1995. My understanding of the importance of this year steadily increased over time, but many became confused.

Photo by Bahadir Karabiyik

Wisdom and Illusion

The more expectations you have about the world, the more powerful it dominates you.

My Life on Wheels

Cypriot author, poet and basketball player, Orkun Bozkurt, gives an inspiring true account of his life story, in his own words.

On Spirituality and the Masters

What is spirituality? More or less, we all have some ideas about it. Let’s delve deeper and see the meaning of spirituality in this conversation between Cem Şen and me—Sonsuz, editor of The Wise magazine.

Second Shock

The sequel to the article First Shock which was released on our second issue.