Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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The Sun and Gold

For thousands of years, gold was considered the metal of the Sun. The chemical symbol Au comes from the Latin word Aurum, meaning glittering...

Karmic Love and Soul Mates: Links Between the Sun and Its...

Sun-Oriented Combinations “I found myself in you….” This is something I found myself after doing some statistical research. According to my findings, compatible and strong angular...

The Sun, The Planets and Astrology

(The second part of our interview with Oner Doser about heliocentric astrology. Here is the first part.) Hasan Sonsuz Çeliktaş: You mentioned an article before we...

Some Mysterıous Connectıons between Unforgettable Songs and the Lunar Nodes

On our spiritual paths, the South Node tells about our spiritual or karmic life goals (also known as our karmic talents or karmic jobs),...

Heliocentric Astrology

Hasan "Sonsuz" Çeliktaş Dear Öner, I know you work on heliocentric astrology and deal with the collective side of astrology rather than making forecasts based...

The Effects of Solar Activities

Ancient civilizations believed the Earth, the Sun, and even the whole cosmos were alive. They believed everything had a spirit. The Sun was everything;...

The Time for Maximum Change

Our inner powers that will help us are waiting to be awakened. We should rediscover our inner voices and intuitions. We should notice and take care of the warnings from our subconscious, our feelings, and our visions.

The Solar and Planetary Cycles and World Trade

It is clear that the solar and planetary cycles correspond with trade cycles and shifts in the markets. Studies into sunspots and the planetary cycles show their effect on trade cycles and crop prices has accelerated since 19th century.

Solar Activities and Us – Part Three

Scientists have investigated the relationship between the Sun and human behavior for the last century.

Solar Activities and Us – Part Two

In addition to the sun, all the planets, including the Earth, carry massive electrical currents, and the electromagnetic waves they emit penetrate the magnetic field and biosphere of the Earth in the form of electrical storms.

Solar Activities and Us – Part One

The sun is the source of life on Earth, and it is the center of our solar system. If it did not exist, we would not survive.