Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Tag: Turkiye

The Sufis

During the spread of Islam, the Sabi religion, which is rooted in western doctrines, was dominant in Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

Istanbul: Queen of Cities

Istanbul, as a cradle of civilization, has witnessed thousands of years of history, and it has been home to a rich variety of nations.

Myth Busters for a Nation on Two Continents: 10 Facts to...

Although Turkey ranks as one of the most visited countries on earth with 27 million visitors in 2010, in general, people still confuse Turkey in its location, language, race and culture.

Bozcaada: An Island for Those Who Love the Aegean

Bozcaada is one of the best havens for anyone who loves the Aegean with all their heart, mind and soul.

Talismans of Istanbul

The history of Istanbul dates back to thousands of years and witnessed many civilizations, kings, people and incidents. Many talismans protect this unique city of history. Now, we would like to tell you about these talismans while praising this magnificent city one more time.

Legendary Gumusluk

Gumusluk, ancient name Myndos, overlooks the world from the western corner of the Bodrum, Turkey peninsula.

Gobeklitepe: The World’s First Temple

We interviewed Ahmet Turgut Yazman for The Wise about his long-awaited documentary Gobeklitepe The World's First Temple.