Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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The Myths and Facts of Protein Consumption

When you’re a vegan, the most common questions you hear are, “Where do you get your protein from?”, “How do you make sure you...

Holiday Travel: What to Eat at the Airport

Holiday season is coming, and many people will be hopping on planes to visit their parents and other family. While you’re waiting for your flight,...

The Taste of Forbidden Fruit

These days, I try to arrive everywhere early, just so I can drink a cup of coffee or read a few pages of a...

The Essence: Fruitarianism and Raw Foodism

Have you ever questioned your lifestyle by asking yourself, “Why am I living like this?” It’s a hard thing to do, because there first...

Love and Respect for All: Veganism

Two years ago, when I told my parents about how I had stopped eating animal products and become a vegan, there was an awkward...

I Don’t Eat Meat Anymore: Let Me Tell You Why

I haven!t eaten meat for nine months, so am I a vegetarian? No.

Quince Yellow, Pomegranate Red… The Fall

Autumn is the right season for both quince and pomegranate: How about drinking the juices of quince and pomegranate mixed together?