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note to self

Note to Self 

Are you bored? Good! It means you’ll soon come up with something, maybe even something creative… Are you sad? If so, just wait it out. Sit there, and feel it. Feel it in your bones. You know it will pass, so there’s no need to…

the womb

The Womb 

It is said that for seven years, we exchange karma with the person we have intercourse with, and this is called womb hooks. My question is, though, how can we clean this up ourselves? Would you like to share what you know about the subject?…

advanced sexual satisfaction

Advanced Sexual Satisfaction 

In nature, only humans have the capability to transform sexual energy into a stronger energy, into an enraptured and cosmic wholeness. A natural way to reach this ability and maturity is through cherishing sex, just as it deserves. It’s possible to gain further sexual satisfaction…

from sexuality to spirituality
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From Sexuality to Spirituality 

Remembering yourself as an artist—a master and a creator—lies within admitting your own resources. Your sexual energy is a resource from your essence. You can reach this resource only by understanding, accepting, and loving the sexual nature of your being. Your sexual energy does not…

the meditation of wholesome unison
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The Meditation of Wholesome Unison 

This meditation helps us to create harmony, unison, and wholeness between ourselves and those we are connected to. It’s especially important for couples to strengthen their bond, achieve a deeper communication, connect their feelings, and truly experience intimacy and step into a spiritual wholeness. This…

sexual personality analysis

Sexual Personality Analysis 

Many of the indulgences we partake of in life can actually give telling hints about our personalities. For instance, you can see someone’s general relationship with life by observing how they eat. If you consciously watch someone’s entire course of eating—such as how they act…

o’ woman of mine

O’ Woman of Mine 

O’ woman of mine! You are soaked in sorrow and scented by vim and vigor. Encountering denial in your being, And giving yourself the Judas kiss, You are that moon-faced woman of mine! The light of your sun, which does not shine in your eyes,…