Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Phlegm – Enemy No. 1

Not so long ago, my neighbor in Bangalore died because of a mosquito bite. She caught dengue fever and, in less than three days,...

How Does Allopathic Medicine Ruins Your Yoga Practice

In the many years of teaching yoga, I have seen several people who were and are on allopathic pills for extensive periods and they all suffer from stiffness, constipation and mental woes.

What to Eat, When not to Eat!

It is interesting to observe people who are coming to my Yoga for Weight Loss and Detox classes regarding their understanding of diet or rather misconceptions of it.

Cure With Fasting

Pain is, often, an intimate companion throughout our lives. What do we do when we encounter persistent migraines, pain in our joints and numbness in our limbs?

There Is No Rush, There Is Only Now.

In the past year, something has shifted within me. It is both confusing and wonderful.

Lead With Your Heart, Not Your Head

When I tell people I'm a yoga teacher, I can instantly feel the stereotypical assumptions of our kind.

Observing Yourself

Wouldn’t you want your day to pass like this? Come on then. Let’s wake the observer within and never let it fall asleep again…

Asana is Only a Drop in the Ocean of Yoga

An interview with Dr. Omanandji who guides meditation yoga and yoga therapy for small to large gatherings in India and all over the world.

Can Yoga Really Make You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is an emotional subject for many, and this continues to be the case. Nevertheless, is it right? The answer is no.

A Constant Gravity To Change

Have you ever noticed your brain’s tendency to focus, fixate and ruminate over the negative?

Deity Practice: Feminine and Masculine Principles of Non-Dual Awareness

Qualities attributed to feminine or masculine can vary in many ways, and they all share deeply-inspirational potential and value.

Is Your Yoga Teacher a Good Fit for You?

I am a yoga teacher. No, not the kind that merely teaches how to stretch or  strengthen the body, but the kind that constantly thinks about the variety of students who find me. The kind who teaches a philosophy of life and likewise, leads life accordingly.