Our rising signs are “the windows” through which we see life. They are our eyes; they are how we see life. In other words, they are how we are dressed. They are delicate dresses, and sometimes they act as shields for us. In short, our rising signs are our “outer” personalities.

These outer personalities are generally in harmony with our personas, but this of course is only possible if there is a direct, smooth, and sound relationship between the persona and the personality. Rumi’s famous saying sums this up: “Either exist as you are or be as you look!”

The personality characteristics we exhibit to protect ourselves against people, events, and traumas, or to manifest ourselves within society, stem from the characteristics of our rising sign.

Some of you will be asking, “I hear we display the characteristics of our rising sign when we reach age 30—is this true?”

It’s true we display the characteristics, attitudes, and habits of our rising sign (our outer personality), but we are not limited to them.
Sometimes, we see people who do not accurately reflect their personas. This is a common attitude for those accustomed, sometimes excessively, to defensive behavior. They cannot manifest their own selves, or they prefer not to do so.

Yes, we call the rising sign our outer personality because it is our defensive social mask, but it is also a part of us. Our rising sign reflects our personality or behavioral attitudes as a social being in general. Of course, everyone needs an outer identity, and this is a healthy thing, but we should not exaggerate this at the cost of our own self.

Our rising sign also defines our physical features and appearance, so let’s see how our rising signs affect us in life. According to classical astrology, the ruler of the rising sign is also the ruler of the natal chart, and this is somehow true, but how?

Let’s clarify the issue by drawing a comparison. Our Sun sign is our life purpose, so the Sun in our chart and its natural ruling planet indicate our life purpose. On the other hand, our rising sign and its natural ruler indicate the things that support and nourish that purpose and motivate us to reach it. In short, our purposes stem from our Sun sign, whereas our rising sign determines our tendencies.

The rising sign is like an organizer that sets the stage for the life purpose indicated by our Sun sign. When we begin acting on this stage, our strength comes from our rising sign and its ruler.

Before discussing the characteristics of each rising sign, let’s tidy up this issue with an example.

The life purpose of those born under Taurus is to enjoy a happy life in a beautiful and productive way. Their aim is to make others happy by giving them the love and warmth they need and provide them with moral and material support. Taurus is peaceful, loving, constructive, and tolerant because of its ruler, Venus. The location of the Sun and its ruler Venus determines the area where people strive to exist and reach their purposes. So, in what stage or area of life do people try to realize their purposes? To understand this, we need to have a look at their rising signs and their rulers.

Let’s assume a man’s rising sign is Gemini. He will have many communication tools, technological or otherwise, available on his life’s stage. Perhaps there are many foreigners in his life for example. He could be a translator who visits embassies frequently. Many he is responsible for communication in a multinational company or a company with a foreign partner. Perhaps he lives outside his native country, or maybe, as a Venusian, he is involved in arts and literature.

The Rising Signs

Aries Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Aries rising has brilliant and lively eyes. They look like they have just woke up from a good sleep. They exert themselves with ingenious and attentive looks because they are very sharp witted.

Some Aries rising look very dignified, and others are very active, but they are all dynamic people. Their bodies look constantly prepared to get into action, and they are always ready to do so.

Aries rising cannot stop, even for a short while, because they have excess energy to spend. They are Martians: warriors, competitors, and fighters. Being the planet of war, Mars is the ruler of Aries.

Another physical characteristic of Aries rising is how they always walk in small but quick steps. Because they are Martians they grow quickly, and the men can have hair problems. They can also have problems related to the face and head. It could be a scar or an illness related to the head. If Mars is well positioned in the chart, these problems will not occur.

Aries rising are always focused in life. They never feel content being behind the scenes—they must always be in the middle of life.

Aries rising loves life, and they are at peace with themselves and life. Their joy of life is admirable. They are impassioned, restless, and impatient.

Aries rising prefer to have lively partners like themselves, but they favor Venusians because they can only be completed by a soft-natured partner.

They cannot tolerate stupid people and prefer to have smart people around them. Otherwise, they can experience nervous breakdowns, something common to an Aries. They can also have problems with patience, and they give up on things because they lack it. They want quick results and hate waiting. They are the masters of quick results, like an athlete. If the target is to run a kilometer and win, they run swiftly and want to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

However, they sometimes learn how to be patient because they cannot run away from their destinies. Why? Because they have Saturn at the pinnacle of their charts! Life somehow teaches them to be patient, through marriage, socializing, or parenthood. They don’t always show it, but they are devoted and brave.

Beware! The Aries rising ram when they get angry! If you need to tell them something, say it only once. If you fail to stop yourself from saying the same thing twice, run away! They don’t like to be treated like fools, so don’t make them angry unless you want to feel their horns! But don’t worry, their blazing anger cools within a few minutes, and they can suddenly burst into laughter.

Aries rising have an unexpected and interesting twist: Although they are flirtatious and liberal in their early years, they are very fond of homes and marriages. They tend to start families, and this is not so shocking because their fourth house, the house of home and family, is ruled by Cancer and the Moon.

Aries rising people prefer marriages to having a career because they have Capricorn at the pinnacle of their charts, ruled by Saturn. Having a prestigious career is troublesome for them, and they lack the necessary patience to build a career when they are young.

However, they do choose a professional life eventually.

Aries rising are attracted toward Capricorn (the sign on their MC), Cancer (the sign of their fourth house), or Libra (their opposite sign).

Taurus Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Taurus rising are among the most prosperous and productive members of the cosmos.

If you are a Taurus rising, I would advise you to not pay attention to unfounded rumors, but you already do this. You do not mind anything, and that drives people crazy. You just laugh away; this is your way of life.

Like a bull, you are hardworking and stubborn; you never do the things you do not like. Venus is the ruler of Aries rising. It also rules Libra, but there is a difference between these two. Power accompanies the kindness of Taurus.

Taurus rising have round faces with happy expressions. They look agreeable, joyful and tolerant. Their calmness makes others feel comfortable. They feel happy, even for the slightest things, and they want to see everyone happy. They are peaceful and tolerant to everybody.

However, if someone steps on their toes, the agreeable cow is replaced by a savage bull. After all, they gained tips on warfare from their opposite sign, Scorpio. They do not show their anger for some time before it bursts, so it can be powerful and long lasting. This can shake the world like an earthquake. Don’t stay close to them during these anger explosions! Furthermore, don’t forget to apologize. He will forgive you, but if you repeat the same mistake, get out of his sight. Don’t try his patience!

They are Venus types, lovers of aesthetics and arts. Many artists and architects are Venusians. They can also be bankers, because they are masters of one of the money houses.

Have you ever wondered why this calm, happy, and tolerant member of the Zodiac can suddenly be rebellious? Here is the reason: Taurus rising hosts Aquarius on MC, or in other words, in his tenth house! Furthermore, the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and freedom! Taurus rising want to work in freedom, and they do not like anyone to interfere.

They have a charming strength, and the power behind their calm and tolerant attitudes magnetizes people. This is what makes them so charismatic, thanks to Uranus at the pinnacle of their charts.

Taurus rising tend to have relationships with Aquarius (the sign in their MC), Leo (the sign in their house of home and family), or Scorpio (their opposite sign). These signs are just as powerful as Taurus, but they have differences that appeal to them.

Gemini Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the planet of intelligence, so Gemini rising have sharp minds and the ability to learn things quickly.

They are the messengers in our lives. Whether big or small, they know something about every subject and have something to say about everything.

They are either thin or medium build, and they generally lilt like thin trees. The women of Gemini rising are like the Mother Mary with her swinging posture. They may have freckles on their faces or curly hair. They act like cute, sympathetic, and alert children. You love them immediately because of their attitudes.

They are so restless and cannot stand still, so they are always busy with numerous things at once.

Their eyes are so lively and intelligent that they resemble an Aries, but the looks of an Aries are blended with fire and desire, whereas a Gemini’s eyes are joyful. Looking into their eyes, you feel their minds are full with thought. This is because Gemini is an Air sign—the element of thinking, communication and abstract ideas.

They dislike slowness. They have problems focusing on a certain subject and lack patience, but they already understand what is going on, and they always have questions to ask or news to deliver. They possess a superb ability toward humor and wittiness, and they have the souls of messengers or journalists. They are not fools. In fact, they are smart and tactical. They have the charming attitude of clever people, which is given by Mercury.

Gemini rising may have large, lively, or even bug-like eyes, and their front teeth may be separated. They scan everything they see like a computer, and their arithmetic is excellent. They have multilateral interests and tend to be gifted at manual skills, because they have quick, skillful hands.

They also make good lecturers. They are funny, and people listen to them with joy, wondering how they will perform each time. Sagittarius is in their partnership house, so they want to travel the world or move to a rural area when they meet a sweetheart or get married. They like the passionate, adventurous, and targeted attitudes of Sagittarius, which is placed at the house of partnership just opposite the Ascendant, because while Gemini rising knows everything, they need someone to organize the information, extending their knowledge to new levels, just like a typical Sagittarius.

Some Gemini rising people are leaders of secret opinion; they have a partisan stance toward life and are interested in politics. This is because Neptune sits at the pinnacle of their charts! Gemini rising has Pisces, whose ruler is Neptune, on MC. Its secondary ruler is Jupiter.

Do you see why Gemini rising needs a Jupiterian like a Sagittarian or Pisces? Without it, their knowledge cannot spread to the world.

Neptune, at the pinnacle of their charts, is the planet of dreams, ideologies, romanticism, and beliefs. A Gemini Rising should always have a dream. They do not like to be stuck in one thing, but Neptune tells them, “Have a dream!” Neptune wants them to have purpose, and each purpose should have a spirit in it! Neptune wants Gemini to make good use of their knowledge.

Neptune is the planet of socialism, so Gemini Rising is a secret socialist. They have progressive ideas and want to defend their beliefs. They also need to be symbols of something! This is what their souls need. For example, Marilyn Monroe is a symbol for female sexiness. This really defines them!

On the other hand, some Gemini rising can be very religious, and this is another side to Neptune, which likes history, culture, and mythology. In fact, all civilizations are affected by Gemini.

In love, they look for happy and romantic partners, who should be as sweet as they are and tolerate their babbling. They are inclined to Sagittarius (a Jupiterian) and Pisces (a Neptunian) as potential partners. The ones who do not enjoy romanticism prefer Virgo, which, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury.

Cancer Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Cancer rising are just like the weather. Their mood changes frequently, and they are affected by everything. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and this is what makes them moody. They are always ready to cry, even when they are laughing.

The women of Cancer rising have beautiful breasts, dreamy looks, eyes that reflect their emotions, and plump bodies. The men always remind me of pajamas because they like lazing at home.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, so Cancer rising want to control and manage everything. They are so polite, and sometimes they prefer to be hurt instead of hurting others. However, don’t mind the emotional and fragile appearance of a Cancer rising, because they can easily discard this emotional state and suddenly transform into different people.

Do you know many politicians and soldiers have Cancer as their ascendant? This is because they have Aries, which is ruled by Mars, at the pinnacle of their charts. They are warriors, at both work and elsewhere. They always love their homes, families, and countries.

Being ruled by the Moon, they are social leaders. For example, they can be successful politicians, because they are naturally inclined to politics and trade.

Financial security is very important to them, and their homes are their dearest possessions. Cancers are warriors at the office and domestic at home.

The combination of Cancer rising and the Moon magnetically attracts like the Sun’s gravity. They touch souls with their warm attitudes and attract attention wherever they go. Everyone needs to be as emotional as them when together. They remind us about emotions and our own hearts. They perceive life through their emotions. Even when they are very clever, emotions are still the most important thing to them.

Libra, ruled by Venus, is located in their fourth house, so they could have a store where they create something. They could work in the catering industry, and they can sew their own clothes, curtains, and so on.

Both men and women like to decorate their homes. They like luxuries and antiques at home.

The home or land of Cancer rising is where the Moon is located in their charts. This is the house where they feel at peace and can realize their purposes and dreams. For example, if the Moon is located in the ninth house, they will like traveling to far places, and the whole world is their land. Far distances call to them like their mothers’ bosoms.

The appearance of Cancer rising reflects their warm and beautiful emotions, and their compassionate attitude attracts others. Everyone approves of them, and the public adores their actions, because they know how to appeal to the heart and soul.

They always do their shopping at the same places, such as from the same market and the same butcher. They are always friends with the shopkeepers and other people living in the same area. Fidelity and loyalty is important for them. If the Moon is exalted in their chart, they can be very popular within society and affect people with their stances. They can be like close family members to others.

They are both lucky and exuberant. In relationships, they are attracted to Aries (the sign on their MC) Capricorn (their opposing sign), and Libra (the sign placed in their fourth house of home and family).

Leo Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)The “mane” is very important for Leo rising. You can do anything but never touch their hair, because it is their noble costume. Leo rising seem to strike poses with their monumental stance. They are upright, self-confident, warm, and bright like the sun…

They have lofty egos and seem spoiled, but they never go too far because they are so arrogant. They like tactics and games, but they prefer to play these without blemishing their nobility.

They like stability, but really, they have a hidden craziness. Passionate, fiery, and joyous in life are terms that define them well. They are never satisfied with less, because they think and play big.

Leo rising generally have fair hair, possibly because they are ruled by the Sun. The women are blonde and attractive and like fancy and luxurious clothes. They are fond of wearing striking eyeglasses for example. If you see a woman dressed in fancy and ostentatious clothes, like leopard skin, you can be sure her Sun or Ascendant is in Leo. It is similar for the men. For example, men who like gold jewelry are typically Leo or Leo rising.

They have the tone of a star. Being ruled by the Sun, Leo rising need to exist where the Sun is placed in their charts.

They act crazily in romantic matters, doing unexpected things, because their opposite sign, Aquarius, provokes and inspires them to it. Moreover, they are hot natured; they like games and excitement. On the other hand, they love their homes, even if they don’t show it.

Leo rising are restless when they are single, but they all hope to marry when they find their king or queen. This is natural, because a lion needs a kingdom and a home to reign, doesn’t it? Despite their crazy romanticism, they want a warm and stable home life because Venus rules Taurus, which is at the pinnacle of their charts.

They shine everywhere they go, because they are so brave and outspoken. They never hesitate to say anything about anyone, and why should they refrain? A lion never fears anything!

Leo rising never like to change their hairstyles. They just find a spectacular style and always stick to it. This is their “manes” or maybe their “crowns.”

 Virgo Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Virgo rising are extremely meticulous. They need to see everything clean and ordered, so they are often hygiene freaks. If you ever see someone washing a tomato with detergent, the reason is simple: That person is a Virgo or Virgo rising. They need logic and have a skeptical nature.

Virgo rising are usually thin. They are quick and energetic, so they easily burn calories. Both the women and men dress plainly yet stylishly, and they are always tidy. The men’s shirts are always well ironed with the buttons up.

They have nice posture, and the clothes they wear always look fine because their bodies are always fit, either from exercising or just general activity. Fitness is very important to them, so they often wake up early to exercise.

Most of the women, and some of the men, are obsessed with their physical appearances. They change hair color and style frequently because they are perfectionists and never content with anything.

Virgo rising are very smart and like to work systematically in areas such as research and investigation. They are good with languages because Mercury rules them. This also means they often work in communication and information, accounting, and the think tanks of ventures.

They are strategists that like to give service to others. They are modest and distant. The men of Virgo rising look like Men in Black, always on duty with a bag in one hand. They could be spies for their countries, like a “Mission Impossible” character. I think James Bond might be a Virgo.

They are disciplined and punctual workaholics. They make good journalists, researchers, strategists, and messengers. They excel at organized working and are inclined to specialize on specific topics. Virgo rising need vision, emotion, and imagination, else they cannot get a taste of life.

You should not assume they can only work in the intellectual or service industries, because Virgo rising are the jack-of-all-trades. Mercury rules Gemini at the pinnacle of their charts, so they care about being heard and aim to make a tremendous impact with their efforts.

Mercury, like Venus, is also associated with songs and music, so Virgo rising can include singers and performers. They are also artistically talented, and sound is an important element in many creative arts. They have an ear for music and can often play instruments. They can also imitate others. They are also playful, humorous, and naughty because of the Mercurian effects.

Although they are normally meticulous, principled, and critical, their attitudes change while working because they are immersed in their duties. They are good at focusing on specific subjects.

In relationships, they are attracted by Gemini (at the pinnacle of their charts), Sagittarius (in their fourth house of home and family), and Pisces (their opposite sign).

Libra Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Libra rising are ruled by Venus, which typifies grace, diplomacy, and elegance. They are noble and appreciate values and kindness, but they can be a little spoiled.

Don’t be fooled by their kind manners because there may be an iron fist under the velvet glove. Libra rising often become politicians, because they have a political stance in life. They are also revolutionaries, so you will see many Librans among protesting crowds seeking equality and justice, areas that Librans are very sensitive about.

They have silver tongues and know how to use fancy words, yet they are straightforward when expressing their ideas. Sometimes, you may find it hard to know if a Libra rising loves you or not, and you will feel torn.

They are smart and can objectively observe, so you cannot lie to them because they will immediately nail you.

They are generally kind to others, but they can sometimes mock those they do not love or are angry with. I can only suggest that the other party runs away in this case. Some Libra rising can be constantly anxious, because they don’t want to hurt or disturb others.

Libra rising remind us of Venus, because they always care about aesthetics in life and in all the things they do.

Being social is important to them, and they are good when working in this area. They work in well creative and political fields and enjoy public relations and social interactions. They like to feature in all types of social organizations. They often act like social butterflies unless they have a bad-tempered nature. Usually they are elegant and joyful, and this is sometimes exaggerated or artificial.
Libra rising shine in their works, and they are adored by people because of their Venusian features and the influence of the Moon, which is ruled by Cancer, at the pinnacle of their charts. People love them because of this lunar effect, so they can easily become popular through politics, arts, and other fields.

Libra rising know how to please souls and flirt with everyone. They are also good at establishing and raising the value of something, making them good jewelers and antique dealers.

In relationships, Libra rising are attracted to Cancer (at the pinnacle of their charts), Aries (their opposite sign), and Capricorn (which is in their fourth house ruling home and family).

Libra rising want to have families, but they also fear the increased responsibility. As a result, they generally feel ready to marry at more mature ages.

Scorpio Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Life is a battlefield for Scorpio rising. Everything is a challenge, a matter of life and death.  Good and bad, all their emotions are deeply intensive. They experience all manner of extreme emotions.

They can be the happiest of people if everything is as they wished, but they can be the saddest if things do not work out.

Dear Scorpio, just relax please! Look to your opposite sign, Taurus. He is sitting by the sea and sunbathing; he simply enjoys life. Don’t become angry with him. Take a seat nearby instead. Scorpio rising embodies a deathly passion that frightens me.

They know how to enjoy life, but unfortunately only when things are on track. They are stable, durable, and patient, and they live in the light of their emotions and intuitions. On the other hand, they are very smart, skeptical, and subtle, and they can see depths that others cannot.

They have deep eyes and mysterious auras. They can talk about everything while not disclosing anything, because they are so secretive. Their mystery and charisma makes you want to know them. Their ruler is Pluto, which gives them a strong magnetism. They have powerful sex appeal and are passionate in love and sex.

Their mystery means you cannot know their real emotions and ideas. They may seem happy, but they could be struggling inside.

Because they don’t like to be weak, they need to be ambitious and powerful to feel good. Leo, which is ruled by the Sun, is at the pinnacle of their charts, so seizing power is always a passion for them.

Because the Sun rules their MC, they desire to shine like a star in creative, political, or business fields. They should be in control in these fields, and they are somehow right because they know how to manage people and work. They know how to deliver successful projects.

As I mentioned earlier, Scorpio rising like to manage and control things. They might even be control freaks. They want to be known in their professions. They are brave.

Scorpio rising is ruled by Pluto and Mars respectively. They like to possess things, and Pluto always gives them more than they want. The power, challenge, mission, mystery, and treasure of a Scorpio rising is wherever Pluto is in his or her chart.

Pluto represents the mission and the power to overcome obstacles. This is a real transformation: A Scorpio rising dressed in a Plutonic costume.

Because Pluto and Mars influence them, they need Venusians around them for their warm, sweet, and relaxing nature. A warrior wants this type of person by his side when he returns from battle.

In relationships, Scorpio rising are attracted to Leo (at the pinnacle of their charts), Taurus (their opposite sign), and Aquarius (the sign in their fourth house of home and family).

Sagittarius Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Sagittarius rising are the travelers of the cosmos and of a sporting blood. They are joyful and have a typical smile: smiling lips and a happy face. They have the stance of a philosopher or wise man.

They prefer to be in motion, and become bored when staying at the same place for a long time. They want to travel and discover new things, moving all the time. In this, they are like wild horses that miss the wide fields of nature.

They are noble, fair, and straightforward. They express their thoughts without bad intentions and believe everyone to be as well intentioned and open hearted as them. However, this can land them in trouble sometimes when they drop the ball.

Sagittarius rising are generally tall, or if not, their bodies are sporty and relaxed. Their strong hair waves like the mane of a horse.

Jupiter—the planet of expansion, luck, and prosperity—is the ruler of Sagittarius rising. Jupiter gives them the curiosity to learn and teach, as well as a philosophical point of view that makes them adorable to others. People respect them; they even want to button up their jackets when they see them.

Their charisma comes from their wise attitudes and authority on subjects, as well as their free-spirited nature.

People’s respect for them is inspired by their views on life—their ethical, fair, and sharing approach toward life—and their expertise at their jobs. They are warriors of freedom—noble warriors or knights.

They are entrepreneurs who, having a great trust in their ruler Jupiter, always pursue new enterprises and targets. They believe and trust in themselves.

Love can sometimes be a game to them, a desire to win a sporting competition. They are passionate in love and enjoy life greatly.

They can become depressed when they lack purpose, because they always need targets to reach. They are happy enjoying their hobbies, and they have such skill and knowledge that they cannot live without them.

Sagittarius rising travel and move homes frequently. If they become bored, they pack their bags and move abroad. They love travelling. Hooray! Let’s travel! They have a talent for foreign languages and can communicate with everyone, even with just a few words. They like airports, train stations, and hotels. They are like Evliya Çelebi, the well-known Turkish traveler.

They have attractive bodies that swing like a noble horse, so it is nice to watch them pass by. Sagittarius rising are talented at language and communication skills thanks to Jupiter and Virgo’s support. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, at the pinnacle of their charts teaches them tactics and strategies.

In relationships, they are attracted to Virgo (at the pinnacle of their charts), Pisces (the sign at their fourth house of home and family), and Gemini (their opposite sign).

Capricorn Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)Capricorn rising, both women and men, all have the characteristics of leaders and managers because they are ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline, and by Uranus. They are ambitious, competitive, and disciplined.

The women of Capricorn rising are nice, but they look as if they are karate adepts, while the men look like they box or kick box. However, craziness underlies their disciplined attitudes. They are very serious in work, but crazy outside. Just like good wines, they get nicer the older they get.

Surprisingly, they like to look young. They are good organizers. They are also talented scientists, because Saturn gives them the discipline needed for scientific studies.

They take everything seriously. If they have work and a stable life, they are happier than most others are. They are the pioneers within society. Some of them are real aristocrats, and they appreciate history.

Capricorn rising always want to show themselves socially. With the help of Libra, which is ruled by Venus, at the pinnacle of their charts, they can become shining stars.

Libra at the pinnacle of their charts means Venus is also at the top. Saturn and Venus: You can see why some Capricorns and Capricorn risings are good at creative fields, such as creating original works of art. You can also see why they fill the stage and shine there. Saturn and Venus together give them the ability to build sound structures. They can easily form, shape, and construct things.

They like to deal with details, so a Capricorn can make a good architect or graphic designer. They are hardworking, even to the extent of being considered workaholics. Their philosophy is based on one thing: responsibility! They can become aggressive and bad-tempered when they have no work to do.

Capricorn rising also like politics, because both Capricorn and Libra rule politics. So, Capricorns make good politicians, managers, bureaucrats, and statesmen.

They need romance in love. As Capricorns always listen to their minds, they need to be complemented by romantic people who listen to their hearts. The worst thing Capricorns do in a relationship is not show their affection. Saying, “I love you!” should be used sparingly because they do not like extravagance. Don’t care about what they say, but care what they do in matters of the heart. Otherwise, you will probably throw a vase at them and run away.

A serious relationship culminating in marriage is important for them, but if they cannot find what they seek, they can be flirtatious, because the Moon rules their opposite sign, Cancer, and they are afraid of being alone. They are always looking for a partner.

The feeling of having a spouse is very important for them. While they lack this, they can never be satisfied in relationships. They are fathers, mothers, and spouses. This makes them happy and complete. We could also speculate that they look for their soul mates, because the Moon rules their seventh house of committed relationships.

In relationships, they are attracted to Libra (at the pinnacle of theirs charts), Aries (in their fourth house of home and family), and Cancer (their opposite sign).


Aquarius Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)The defining characteristic of Aquarius rising is their modernity. Their clothes, stances, and attitudes are always contemporary, because they like to look young and stylish.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, with Saturn, the planet of discipline, as its secondary ruler. Aquarius rising are a combination of these two energies, with some being dominated by Uranus and others by Saturn.

They can be friends with anyone, but there are limits. They are very objective, and people can hesitate if Aquarians seem cold or as if they view the world from a different perspective. They are realistic yet positive, so they really know how to make objective evaluations.

They like order, organization, and elegance. They prefer modern homes to historical houses. They dislike antiques at home, preferring newer equivalents.

They don’t like sitting still or listening to the problems of others. They don’t like anything to be imposed on them, so if they find themselves in such a situation, they just run away.

They are clever, but they have a radically different view toward life and events. This is what makes them special. They are extremely charismatic, because Uranus makes them extraordinarily so. They are shocking, like lightning.

They know how to look at the bigger picture and see everything in an extraordinary way.

Aquarius rising are smart both inside and outside work. They are passionate and crazy in love because they have Leo, their opposite sign, in their house of relationships. This is fine because they need some excitement after being so clever and organized. On the other hand, Uranus can make them whimsy, causing them to fall in love quickly.

Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, is at the pinnacle of their charts. This makes them ambitious and obsessive. You can understand now why the modern and freedom-loving Aquarius rising are so ambitious, possessive, and even obsessive in matters of the heart and business! This is the final lesson and the paradox of Aquarius rising!

They can have positive relationships where they can preserve their freedom and individuality, or they can be stuck in unhealthy relationships because of their extreme possessiveness and obsession.

In relationships, Aquarius rising are attracted to Scorpio (at the pinnacle of their charts), Leo (their opposite sign), and Taurus (the sign at the fourth house of home and family).

Pisces Rising

your rising sign (ascendant)The primary ruler of Pisces rising is Neptune, and their secondary ruler is Jupiter. They have many dreams and are real visionaries. They can be travelers, explorers, or film stars, because they like sparkly things.

Pisces rising become somehow interested in arts at a certain point in their lives. They have the sensitive souls of poets. Some Pisces rising are like small children with the souls of wise men. They ripen early, but they also rot quickly!

As I mentioned earlier, Pisces rising are talented at arts and other types of creative and visual effort. They can make good magazine editors thanks to this talent for visual arts.

Because of Neptune’s influence, they can be a little manic-depressive. They like to play games, but if these games last too long, they can display manic attitudes. They are prone to depression and can easily feel pity, both for themselves and for others.

They are very merciful.

Their dreams are very important to them, so they make great effort to realize them. Their dreams are nourished from the house where Neptune is placed in their charts. For example, If Neptune is in their seventh house, they will want a loving and romantic marriage that is as beautiful as in a dream.

Their best trait is their mysterious magnetism. They are so fascinating that they can hypnotize others. If they believe in something, they can easily convince others. On the other hand, they can chase pipe dreams or laze around.

In addition to their talents in visual arts, they have highly creative minds. They are good with fiction and can suddenly change into another character.

When their charts support it, they can have lives as movie actors. They like to be heroes, especially ones who sacrifice themselves… They also like poems and stories.

Like Sagittarians, they are influenced by Jupiter, but there is a difference between them. Sagittarians are warriors who run after realistic dreams. They enlarge and deepen their knowledge and then create a discipline.

Some Pisces rising take the same path and get the support and guidance of other Jupiterian people, such as Sagittarians.

Pisces rising—who are tired of wandering in a world of emotions, dreams, and subconsciousness—are attracted to their opposite sign Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury; Gemini in their fourth house of home and family; and Sagittarius at the pinnacle of their charts. With the help of these, they can add an analytical and logical aspect to their own features.