The Uranus–Pluto square, which will be in effect between 2012 and 2015, indicates there will be great turbulence in the economy. Because of the T-square between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, crime and mortality may increase, and power conflicts may be seen. The people may challenge authorities and institutions for material reasons, so new arrangements will certainly be needed.
This transitional period will leave us breathless, and the paradigms will shift. A transition is impossible to achieve with ordinary people and events, as was witnessed throughout history. Otherwise, our paradigms would never change and there would be no new discoveries. The great paradigm shift between 2012 and 2015 will affect material and scientific standards, economics, quality of life, and the standard of our private and social relationships.
Saturn’s entry into Scorpio in October 2012 indicates economic shrinkage and loss. Saturn will remain there until the end of 2014, which coincides with the Uranus–Pluto square. The Nodes will shift to the Taurus–Scorpio axis, and this shows how economies will face a difficult period. The North Node will go forward in Scorpio until February 2012, and this will strengthen Saturn’s restrictive side. The stock markets and banks will go through a critical period, and financial problems will be seen between business partners and spouses.
During the period when the Uranus–Pluto square is so effective, the Saturn–Neptune trine in the water signs will give us the strength and power for transformation and the courage needed after the possible crises and tragedies. This highly compatible aspect will occur at a good time because it will mitigate the stress of the hard aspect between Uranus and Pluto.

Purification and Refinement Experiences

The main benefit of the Saturn–Neptune trine is how it will help us to become more mature (Saturn) spiritually (Neptune), as if our spirits will be forced to learn their lessons. It is a period that will help us overcome our limits. We will not fear losing control, but instead we will be transcendent. If we volunteer for this, our spiritual awareness (Neptune) will increase with the help of our experiences (Saturn).
Fate will free us to learn the lessons (Saturn) of non-alignment (Neptune). We will easily carry the responsibility of our dreams. The Saturn–Neptune trine will support us in shaping (Saturn) the spiritual world and our ideals.
It will help our dreams (Neptune) to become visible and our ideals (Neptune) to take shape (Saturn). Neptune symbolizes the collective subconscious, while Saturn represents the materialization of ideals. Neptune is the indicator of the world of imagination, whereas Saturn represents the perception of reality. The compatible aspects of these help us to increase our potential to realize our dreams. Realizing our dreams requires us to make sacrifices, and we need to rid ourselves of the unnecessary things in our lives and become simpler.
This compatible aspect is also associated with idealistically serving others without the interruption of the ego. It will give us the chance to realize our ideals and combine our materialistic and spiritual parts harmoniously.

The Grand Trine in the Water Signs

Saturn and Neptune, which support each other in a trine aspect from the water signs, will also dance with Jupiter by the second half of 2013. Jupiter’s support for these two planets through a most benefic aspect shows that a comfortable period for the evolution of humanity will begin. The Grand Trine formed by these three planets, which tour in the water signs, will give us the necessary support and initiative to heal our lives and realize our dreams.
In astrology, trine aspects indicate the potential for a harmonious flow of energy between the planets. The advantages can be easily grasped, and these will bring immediate opportunities. Harmony and balance will be maintained with ease. In this Grand Trine, three trine aspects represent harmony and balance, so this Grand Trine will bring triple the effect!
This Grand Trine in the water elements will help the smooth flow of emotions and the building of empathy with others. We will begin to feel and perceive things we did not before, realizing that abstract elements play a very important role in our lives. We will also understand the power of our subconscious minds. The more we become aware of life’s deepness, the more creative we will become.
Because we will be more sensitive during this period, we may demonstrate inconsistent moods if we do not control our emotional reactions. We will be aware of the storm taking us to the bottom, and we will be able to transform the crisis into a source of power during Saturn’s transit in Scorpio between October 5, 2012 and December 23, 2014. We may easily reach inner happiness and balance if we use Saturn properly and voluntarily face our real drives.
Neptune, now touring in Pisces, the most evolved water sign, is an idealist who volunteers to help the less fortunate. Jupiter, the Great Benefic, will also start touring in Cancer, which symbolizes mercy, empathy, and solidarity. In addition, Saturn will enter Scorpio—which represents depth, intuition, and strength—healing humanity and helping the transformation. The cooperation between these three planets will help our planet to heal and redefine itself through a transformation, giving us the chance to make necessary philosophical changes.
The Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune will be most advantageous during July 9–27, 2013, bringing us additional good luck, so spiritual developments will be more apparent.

A Spiritual Healer plus a Spiritual Teacher

Chiron (a spiritual healer) and Neptune (a spiritual teacher) will be touring in Pisces. The Great Transformer Pluto will make a sextile aspect with Chiron between 2012 and 2014, aiding the spiritual transformation. Meanwhile, Saturn (the great teacher) will also make a sextile with Chiron. This aspect will heal spiritual wounds and support our individual transformations. All acting like guides, Neptune, Chiron, and Saturn will assist us from the water signs. This is not so surprising, seeing as Chinese philosophy regards water as the master of knowledge. Water combines knowledge and embeds it in our memories.
Neptune, in Pisces, will be powerful in its ruling sign and supported by Chiron, which also tours there. This will help humanity to understand how everything comes from one single divine source.
It will be confirmed that all religious and divine knowledge stems from the same source, so people cam rid themselves of polarity and the trend toward “Divine Unity” can accelerate. Freedom will be achieved thanks to the power of spiritual energies, and it will be commonly understood that religions were tools rather than the target itself. There is a general rule in astrology: The effect of a powerful planet suppresses the power of a less powerful one. Neptune’s powerful position can therefore bring about a radical shift in the collective consciousness. Ordinary realities may stumble, and people may reach the “real reality.”
Neptune’s good aspect with Pluto between 2012 and 2015 also supports this scenario. With a wide tolerance, this positive aspect will affect us until 2023, helping us make necessary transformations and establish new structures. As emphasized earlier, Neptune will also have a positive aspect with Saturn between 2012 and 2014. With the help of this aspect, we can realize our ideals because we will be more aware of the realities. We will know our limits and feel comfortable with them. We will have patience and understand the possibilities. We will be more tolerant and able to balance the realities. This positive aspect will help us use our spiritual capacities and beliefs in a balanced and constructive manner.