The Moon’s nodes are the two points where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic (the Sun’s path in the sky) to the north and to the south. These two points have an opposition of exactly 180 degrees. For example, if the north node is 1 degree Aries, then the south node is 1 degree Libra.
The Moon’s nodes give us answers to questions like “Why am I here?”, “What is my mission in this life?”, and “Where am I heading?” These real pathfinders help us to navigate through the journey of life.
The south node is related to our souls’ pasts. Its sign, its house, and its aspects inform us about our existing talents, habitual patterns, tendencies, inherent attitudes, the things that are easy for us to achieve, and the energy we accumulated before this life. The themes represented by the south node are easy and secure for us, but the universe wants us to move toward the themes represented by the north node. When compared to the themes of the north node, the themes of the south node seem more familiar to us, and we are drawn toward them. A conscious awareness is needed to withdraw from the features represented by the south node. However, we should not abandon them completely; we should use these qualities as tools while proceeding toward the north node. In other words, we should find a balance between the two. The qualities of the south node are those we already possess, so we do not need to develop them anymore. With the support of these qualities, we need to balance the opposing characteristics of these two nodes.
The north node is related to the futures of our souls. Its sign, its house, and its aspects tell us about which direction we should take, how we should achieve success, and what our aims and missions are in this life. We find it difficult to realize the themes represented by the north node. We are not familiar with them, but we need to add these elements to our lives, and a conscious awareness is needed to achieve this. When we manage to integrate these qualities into our lives, we will also feel spiritually satisfied. Therefore, the sign hosting the north node, its house, and its aspects are all highly important. Below, you will find further explanation about the north node in particular signs. There is also a table showing which sign your north node is in based on your birth date.
The North Node in the Signs:
North Node in Aries
December 8, 1911 to June 5, 1913
July 7, 1930 to December 27, 1931
January 26, 1949 to July 25, 1950
August 19, 1967 to April 18, 1969
April 6, 1986 to December 1, 1987
December 26, 2004 to June 21, 2006
North Node in Taurus
March 23, 1910 to December 7, 1911
December 28, 1928 to July 6, 1930
August 2, 1947 to January 25, 1949
February 19, 1966 to August 18, 1967
September 11, 1984 to April 5, 1986
April 14, 2003 to December 25, 2004
North Node in Gemini
April 16, 1927 to December 27, 1928
December 2, 1945 to August 1, 1947
August 25, 1964 to February 18, 1966
March 16, 1983 to September 10, 1984
October 13, 2001 to April 13, 2003
North Node in Cancer
October 26, 1925 to April 15, 1927
May 11, 1944 to December 1, 1945
December 23, 1962 to August 24, 1964
September 24, 1981 to March 15, 1983
April 9, 2000 to October 12, 2001
North Node in Leo
April 23, 1923 to October 25, 1925
November 21, 1942 to May 10, 1944
June 10, 1961 to December 22, 1962
January 12, 1980 to September 23, 1981
October 20, 1998 to April 8, 2000
North Node in Virgo
August 23, 1922 to April 22, 1924
May 24, 1941 to November 20, 1942
December 15, 1959 to June 9, 1961
July 5, 1978 to January 11, 1980
January 25, 1997 to October 19, 1998
North Node in Libra
February 7, 1921 to  August 22, 1922
September 12, 1939 to May 23, 1941
June 16, 1958 to December 14, 1959
January 7, 1977 to July 4, 1978
July 31, 1995 to January 24, 1997
North Node in Scorpio
August 15, 1919 to February 6, 1921
March 4, 1938 to September 11, 1939
October 4, 1956 to June 15, 1958
July 10, 1975 to January 6, 1977
February 1, 1994 to July 30, 1995
August 30, 2012 to February 18, 2014
North Node in Sagittarius
February 13, 1918 to August 14, 1919
September 14, 1936 to March 3, 1938
April 3, 1955 to October 3, 1956
October 27, 1973 to July 9, 1975
August 1, 1992 to January 31, 1994
March 3, 2011 to August 30, 2012
North Node in Capricorn
May 31, 1916 to February 12, 1918
March 8, 1935 to September 13, 1936
October 9, 1953 to April 2, 1955
April 27, 1972 to October 26, 1973
November 18, 1990 to July 31, 1992
August 21, 2009 to March 2, 2011
North Node in Aquarius
December 3, 1914 to May 30, 1916
June 24, 1933 to March 7, 1935
March 28, 1952 to October 8, 1953
November 2, 1970 to April 26, 1972
May 22, 1989 to November 17, 1990
December 18, 2007 to August 20, 2009
North Node in Pisces
June 6, 1913 to December 2, 1914
December 28, 1931 to June 23, 1933
July 26, 1950 to March 27, 1952
April 19, 1969 to November 1, 1970
December 2, 1987 to May 21, 1989
June 22, 2006 to December 17, 2007
North Node in Aries:
You are here to display your leadership, initiate new ventures, develop your courage, and express yourself. You should learn to take risks, strengthen your identity, and take action by yourself. You should maintain the feeling of wholeness by yourself, not with partners. You should learn to take the initiative, and you should be courageous enough to shoulder the responsibility for your decisions. You should decide the best action using your instincts, and you should be clear about these decisions. You should always stay in touch with your own power and trust in yourself, and you should not wait for the approval of others.
You should be a pioneer and an initiator; you should always defend your decisions. You should proceed in a straight line without deviating from your target. You should have a direct approach to the things you need to make you happy. You should clearly declare what you desire. You should not change your path, and you should resist any outside pressure. You should have the courage to take the first step. You should learn how to survive. You should talk about what you want honestly and frankly, instead of unintentionally hurting someone later on. You should declare your needs from the outset. You should present your values courageously, without fear of what others might think about you.
North Node in Taurus:
You are here to learn that you can live on your own financially, and you can earn a living and maintain your financial security without help from others. You should find a comfortable environment for yourself and achieve happiness and peace. Instead of wanting rapid results and taking risks, you should take secure steps. With the help of your talents, you should realize solid projects in a productive manner. You should be strong enough to withstand any harsh effects. You should maintain security both for yourself and your loved ones; you should plan your life and learn how to save money. You should enjoy the things you have and stay away from unnecessary ambitions and their corrosive effects.
Instead of consuming, you should be constructive, and instead of hurrying, you should learn patience. You should put aside all feelings of vengeance and learn how to forgive and overcome past wounds. You should build a balanced lifestyle, spending time in nature and enjoying life. You should take care of your body and eat properly. You should build peaceful relationships with others. You should use your power wisely, learning not to intentionally harm others. You should relate with people who are psychologically healthy, and you should avoid problematic people. You should be loyal and patient in your relationships. To best help others, you should first maintain your own security.
North Node in Gemini:
You are here to communicate, teach, and share knowledge through writing or speaking. You should realize how your talents will help others to discover their spiritual values. You should learn more about the qualities of human nature. You should learn how to address everyone and exchange information. You should express your ideas in a short and clear manner, and you should come up with practical solutions instead of philosophical answers. Instead of being the only one talking, you should listen to others, ask questions, ask for opinions, and be open to all perspectives. Instead of looking for the absolute reality, you should be involved in daily life and focus on your surroundings. Instead of chasing self-knowledge, you should help others to find knowledge and create opportunities for them.
You should be involved in society and listen to the simplest of opinions. You should not underestimate anyone. You should not isolate yourself but rather develop social relationships and be a part of a cooperative society. You should learn how to change your direction if needed. You should accept all moral and religious conflicts. You should avoid any harsh restrictions or limitations. Instead of blind acceptance, you should analyze and criticize things if needed, and you should not make any decision without reviewing all the options. You should seize the moment and look for happiness in the here and now rather than on distant horizons. Instead of making long-term plans, you should find practical solutions in the present.
North Node in Cancer:
You are here to create humanistic bonds, to empathize with others’ feelings, to help others, to share the same feelings, to integrate with loved ones, and to learn how to be part of a family. You should also have a connection with your own feelings, and you should express them clearly and reveal them freely. You should learn how to feed others, both emotionally and physically, by meeting their needs and being together with them because you really love them rather than because you benefit from each other. You should spend time with your loved ones and sacrifice yourself to them. You should care little about career and financial success, prestige, and social achievements.
You should be able to attach yourself to others. You should be involved in their lives, realizing and appreciating them. You should have spiritually fulfilling relationships. You should not postpone your enjoyment of life. You should learn how to focus on your feelings and follow your desires, and you should not be afraid of emotional evolution and overstatement. You should follow your instincts more than your logic. Sympathy and mercy should always be your priorities. You should direct your energy inwards, remembering that your feelings will guide you. You should make time for resting, and you should create a safe and cozy home atmosphere where you can forget your worries.
North Node in Leo:
You are here to be known by others, so you should learn how to attract attention, to be active, and to manage and display your authority. You should learn how to take risks, undertake enterprises, trust in yourself, and reflect your reliability on others. You should present your creativity and your sense of fun, because this will show others how intimate you are. You should rely on your inner child, your basic instincts and desires. You should follow your dearest desires. You should always demand better, have a positive attitude, and stay away from worries. Instead of waiting for the perfect result, you should do what you can at any given moment.
You should be involved socially and not be isolated. You should be honest and act like a leader against any injustice. You should not be overly logical or cold-blooded but instead always follow your heart. You should display your honesty and benevolence, and you should never be ashamed of receiving appreciation. You should pursue the projects that give you happiness and energy. You should strengthen your bonds with life; instead of watching from the audience, you should be on the stage of life.
North Node in Virgo:
You are here to learn how to maintain social order by focusing on details and improving yourself. You exist to serve and help others, to be productive and practical, and to be planned and organized. You should analyze everything neatly, and you should make your decisions independently of your feelings. You should be involved in activities where you serve people, and you should use your talents for the benefit of others. You should be disciplined and stable, and you should act strategically. You should be organized in every detail, and while you should be patient enough to leave work to the others, you should also have your own plan.
You should keep records as comprehensively as possible. You should always remember to focus on details. You should refine your problem solving talents. You should be objective and logical, and you should never live in the past. You should obey the rules, but you should be pragmatic and be happy with attaining imperfect results. You should always have aims. You should never blame others; instead of being a victim, you should realize you bear sole responsibility for your life.
North Node in Libra:
You are here to learn cooperation, sharing, diplomacy, and agreement. You are here to maintain balance and peace and to develop the concepts of equality and justice. You should evaluate situations from the perspectives of others. You should support others, motivating them into taking action by being a good counselor. You should understand that you also help yourself when helping and loving others. You should develop understanding and empathy, and you should always be courteous and give priority to others. You should avoid egoism and prefer modesty. You should help others without expectations.
You should always seek peace and avoid rivalry and defensive approaches. You can only progress if you compete with yourself rather than others. You should avoid quick-tempered reactions and not be unbalanced or restless. You should respond to others’ needs through your sympathetic and empathic approaches. Instead of seeing the negative sides of others, you should focus on their positive sides. You should be prepared to sacrifice yourself for the happiness of others when needed.
North Node in Scorpio:
You are here to share your possessions with others, to build strong bonds between people, to act with the help of your intuition and instincts, and to regenerate yourself. You should learn how to transform yourself and how to achieve this restructuring. You should be prepared to sacrifice your comfort level to gain more power. You should focus on those people who are valuable to you, and you should sacrifice yourself for the people and ideals you believe in, sharing everything you have with them. You should avoid a materialistic life and focus on the spiritual side. Focusing on metaphysical subjects rather than the already accepted physical things is what will help your progress.
You should research human psychology, learning a good deal from it. You should avoid things that limit or inhibit you, and you should try to deal with the unseen rather than the apparent. You should be courageous enough to experience crises that will help your personal transformation. You should change your habits that make you feel financially secure, and you should employ your talents to overcome crises and create balance and stability. You should share and thus increase your strength and vitality by combining your powers with others.
North Node in Sagittarius:
You exist to listen to your intuitions, to reach a higher consciousness, to create ethical values, and to maintain an honest and spontaneous communication by not trying to explain everything through logic. You should give up the ordinary day-to-day knowledge and aim to reach the divine knowledge to be more successful. You should not need the approval of others to act freely. You should prefer to communicate honestly and openly. Instead of telling people what they want to hear, you should declare your true thoughts.
Instead of learning unnecessary knowledge, you should focus on the deep and divine knowledge and peacefully delve into your inner world. This will make you healthier and more successful. You should put aside more time to spend in nature, to meditate, and to exercise. When spending time alone, you will listen to your inner dynamics. You should believe that you can find the right path by trusting yourself and listening to your inner voice, giving up indecisiveness. Foreign travel and cultural and religious research will make you feel better. Instead of harboring childish attitudes, you should develop a mature and patient nature.
North Node in Capricorn:
You exist to be free of your emotions. You should learn how to be the director of your own faith and take responsibility for your own life. You should be objective in close or romantic relationships, and you should avoid relationships that make you dependent. You should avoid directing people through emotional outbursts, instead calmly following your logic. Instead of holding soured feelings, you should take responsibility for your life and control it. You should set predetermined targets, and you should be willing to take risks and manage situations. Then you can have control over your faith.
You may become a good manager, politician, or speaker if you develop your responsibility and trust in yourself. You should stop dwelling on the past and focus on today and tomorrow. You should remember that you will contribute to your future by consciously visualizing positive results and abandoning the fear of being unsuccessful or refused. You should realize that your comfortable environment will not help your progress, so you should conquer your fears, change your patterns, and be open to the outside world. You should be loyal to your principles so you may be respected.
North Node in Aquarius:
You are here to usher in the New Age, to maintain the transition toward new ideas, to overcome your ego, to be in charge of important matters, and to play an active role in the evolution of humanity. You should aim to contribute to the evolution of humanity. You should give up your personal desires and focus on social or even universal subjects. You should be involved in idealistic campaigns, cooperating with those who share your ideals in order to better benefit society. You should not expect to receive applause and appreciation and instead prefer modesty.
In order to formulate innovative ideas for the improvement of society, you should create environments where you can act and think freely. You should also be prepared to seek unconventional knowledge that may oppose traditional social rules. You should be involved in studies where you can declare your new ideas independently and not wait for the approval of others. You should work for the benefit of society instead of your own, and you should empower others rather than yourself. When you use your creative energy for the sake of others, the cosmos will give you the energy and power you need in return. You should always preserve your objectivity, and you should be able to view events from a broader perspective.
North Node in Pisces:
You exist to realize that even if you work hard and organize well, not everything will be perfect and you cannot always be on the safe side. You should also realize that change is needed for evolution. The Holy Creator has an order that serves us, and you should learn how to submit and how to go with the flow. You should avoid being materialistic, and you should give up making rigid plans. Instead of trying to make everyone, including yourself, imperfect, you should keep pace with changes. You should learn to be flexible and spontaneous. You should spare some time to isolate yourself within the tempo of daily life, giving you time to listen to your inner voice, rest, and recharge your spirit.
Instead of a rigid realistic approach, you should keep your imagination active. You are good with details, but there is a risk of losing yourself in them. To see the whole picture, sometimes you need to view situations from a wider perspective. You should remember you need a balanced spiritual health to maintain a healthy physical state. You should empty your mind through meditation, prayer, and similar activities. You should have frequent contact with water, such as bathing, swimming, and even fishing. You should avoid any worry or fear. You should involve yourself in spiritual and metaphysical studies. You should learn to go with the flow when you experience trouble, having faith that things will improve soon. Instead of analyzing and criticizing, you should learn to accept things as they are.